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DeFi is more or less a decentralized version of the traditional finance industry with a whole new approach to finance having no intermediary or central authority between the two parties involved in the business. Thus, DeFi crypto platform development is gaining traction all around and the most chosen blockchains are:


The most popular blockchain platform, having all the essential tools to build a trustless infrastructure with good scalability and advanced functionality to write smart contracts, henceforth it is developers’ hot favourite to build dApps for crypto-based financial services like lending, borrowing, private payments and earning interest. 


An innovative blockchain platform that ticks all the boxes for a DeFi-focused chain by offering real-time transactions, high scalability, and instant settlement opportunities with the Proof-of-History consensus mechanism and its own programming language, Rholang, which allows developers to write smart contracts for optimization and validation.


Polkadot is an innovative blockchain platform loaded with robust features to support DeFi projects that are compatible with third-party services too. Its interoperability is indeed the most prominent feature as even if built on Ethereum or Bitcoin, the platform can communicate with the Polkadot ecosystem through bridges seamlessly. 


Check Out For More Detail: https://www.antiersolutions.com/defi-decentralized-finance-development/


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