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Crypto payment forwarding as a payment processing


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Payment forwarding is an instant transfer from a temporary crypto address to the address of the recipient, with notifications (callbacks) about transactions. Such services are, for example, gourl.io, and opennode.com. Apirone also provides the services of forwarding, and soon we are going to launch a non-custodial wallet. For more details look at our website.

How does forwarding work?


A temporary address is generated for each payment.

It is needed to identify the order, since a customer can pay partially, from different sources, or at different times, for example. If you use the same address to receive payments, it is difficult to determine who paid you, when, for what, and how much.



Wallets managed by third parties can be insecure and vulnerable since the payment provider can request KYC verification or even block funds themselves. A vivid example is the consequences of sanctions: processing companies that prohibit the use of your own money; exchanges that decided not to return clients’ assets; services that stage a hacker attack and the loss of all client funds.

Forwarding is an intermediate option between custodial and non-custodial processing. This is a great way to start and roll out your new projects quickly.

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