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What Is An OpenSea Clone Script And What Are Its Salient Features?

Daniel Jacob

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OpenSea Clone Script is a pre-engineered NFT marketplace solution. It will bestow the entrepreneurs to launch a decentralized NFT trading platform providing NFT enthusiasts to sell & buy digital assets. The solution is completely customizable, ensuring personalization based on the individual entrepreneurs' requirements. 

Features of An OpenSea Clone Script
Search & Filters

The platform users can search for the desired NFTs based on their favorite digital creators, including artists. The filter option will let the users find the ones among the various assets listed in the platform with ease.


By linking the digital wallet to the NFT platform, the users can store the NFTs. When the buyer makes a purchase, the bought asset will be transferred from the seller's wallet to the buyer's wallet.

Buy and bid

The sellers would go for choosing a buy or bid option. When choosing a buy option, they have to set a fixed price for the asset or non-fungible token that they have to sell. On the contrary, they need to set a minimum or maximum price when choosing a bid option. 

List NFTs

When finished with the registration and wallet linking, the users can list their NFTs with the specification of the required information. It includes a description, tags, and plugin name.


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