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Clavaria Presale

Barry D

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Calvaria Presale Live‼️🕹  Today 19th Of September🗓

📌📌Join the early  Stage. Early buyers get the best price

Buy Presale Here 📍https://calvaria.io/

💳💸 Buy $RIA with::

Minimum Purchase is 1000RIA/ $10

Stage 1: $1 = 100RIA
Stage 2: $1 = 80 RIA
Stage 3:.$1 = 66.67RIA

RIA Token runs on ERC_20 network and all Presale token will be available for claim on TGE

🌈🚀Rush Now to Participate and Join the community‼️

🕊🌿 Twitter: https://twitter.com/CalvariaP2E

📮📭 Telegram: https://t.me/CalvariaChat

🎈📥 Discord:

🪧📃 White paper:


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Don't miss this AMA for anything

Hey guys don't miss this AMA for anything

Ronny Tome - Founder, Ducatus Global

Deep Kotecha - Head of exchange

Focus topics

DUCX listing on Biconomy

Recently released

🚀The GOLD MV token

🚀Denarius digital banking App

Reward pool

$250 USDT and $250 worth of DUCX

Date: 21/12/2022

Venue: Ducatus Communities

Time: Noon UTC

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