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How To Pick The Best Blockchain to Create Your NFT Marketplace?


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NFT Marketplace development flourishes on Blockchains, making it possible to have a platform dedicated to commerce that is devoid of centralized services. 

But, with different blockchain technologies, are you tense out? Stick around as this article is tailored for you to draw a clear picture of the best blockchain needed for your NFT marketplace.

Best Blockchain for NFT Marketplace Development


-> Most advanced and desirable blockchain network
-> Robust Security for NFT marketplace platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible, Decentraland, SuperRare, etc.,
-> High Scope of Scalability


-> Most Recent fast-growing platform 
-> Lowest transaction fees 
-> Work in a feasible token-developed ecosystem
-> Drives globally with a block time of 400 milliseconds.
-> Recorded cost per transaction is 0.00025$ on the Solana-based apps & NFT Marketplace
-> Solana-based NFT Marketplace - SolSea, Metaplex, DigitalEyes, Solanart etc.,


-> Founded on 2015
-> One of the biggest market caps of the Cryptos
-> Open-source
-> P2P Networks
-> Proof-of-Stake & Ouroboros Consensus Mechanism
-> Some Cardano NFT Marketplace are - CNFT.IO, Cardahub, AdaNFT, GalaxyofArt, etc. 


-> One of the best NFT Marketplace
-> Launched in 2018
-> Market cap is $1.86 Billion to date
-> Follows Proof-of-Stake
-> On-chain Consensus to update the Blocks

Binance Smart Chain

-> Binance Smart Chain or BSC - Another rising blockchain
-> For NFT Marketplace launched in 2022
-> Compatible with EVM
-> Proof-of-Stake Consensus
-> Feasible with Cross-chain Transactions


Because of the arrival of the new blockchain and the estimated growth of NFTs, this will lead to a fortune in the market. That reaches a 30% increase by the end of 2030, according to future analysis. 

Upgrading your NFTs in this period now seems like the perfect time to invest in NFT Marketplace Development

Want to make your work easier? I would like to suggest Zodeak - The leading NFT Marketplace Development Company who offer hands-on experience in the enterprise for vast years to assist you with easy-to-access, rich development solutions for your NFT platform.

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