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Initial Coin Offering Development - Easy Steps to Succeed 


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In this digital world, many startups, entrepreneurs, or individuals are considering initial coin offerings as a way to raise capital to develop their businesses. ICO is the easiest crowdfunding mechanism, so it is an innovative approach to raising funds for startups.

During an ICO, a large number of crypto investors can buy the crypto tokens from the fundraising startups However, these crypto tokens are created and distributed via blockchain technology.

While speaking of ICO development, There are some steps that have to be followed to launch an ICO platform 


Whitepaper creation - 

An innovative idea and an attractive white paper will help for a successful ICO. 

Primarily, every initial coin offering (ICO) in the market requires a white paper to launch their initial coin offering successfully. In simple, a white paper should clearly describe your project. This detailed description must include the 

  • Introduction of the project

  • Table of contents

  • Description of the product or project 

  • Crypto tokens - how many, why, how, and when

  • How to raise funds

  • Team members and finally, 

  • Roadmap of the project


Crypto Token Development - 

Token development is another major step to create an ICO platform. Generally, tokens are created and distributed through secured blockchain networks. But before creating the tokens, choose the popular tokens standards and fix the total supply, symbol, name of the token, etc. 

Fungible token standards - ERC20, TRC20, and BEP20 

Non-fungible token standards - ERC721, TRC721, and BEP721


Website development -

The development of the ICO website will be a vital step in launching an ICO platform. 

To quickly launch an ICO in a short time, then you should buy an ICO dashboard script instead of developing a website from scratch. It includes many essential and important features to make your ICO campaign more effective. Those outstanding features are,

  • Roadmap 

  • Presentation video

  • Subscription form

  • Press coverage - articles, guest posts, Pinterest, podcasts 

  • Terms and conditions 

  • Contact information

  • Customer reviews 

These three are the important steps for launching an ICO platform. 

Are you a startup? then choose the best method to launch an ICO, which means Initial Coin Offering Development can be done from scratch or you can use an ICO dashboard script. 

All you have to do to develop an ICO platform is find the best Initial coin offering development services. Their team of expert developers will deliver you the best and top-notch ICO development services at an affordable cost as per your business requirement. 


Initial Coin Offering Development (1).png

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