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Why discord for your NFT promotion?


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When it was introduced, Discord was widely used by gamers. Now, it has evolved as a community-based chatting network. People from various fields create communities and share information among them. Discord is a VoIP system featuring text, voice, and video for communication. In simple terms, Discord is a social media platform that can be used for business, marketing, communication with acquaintances, and announcements regarding launches. But, Discord stands out from other social media platforms as it allows users to host their servers for free. Discord also has featured channels on their platform, where like-minded people can assemble and converse.

With these communities in Discord, target audiences and consumers can be easily identified, which helps grow businesses like NFTs.

NFT marketing with Discord

Discord is a platform that has a large number of active NFT enthusiasts. There is also a surge in the number of NFT and crypto enthusiasts in recent years. This is due to Discord’s marketing-friendly features and cross-platform support. Discord will be the best option if you’re looking to promote your NFTs online. With regular engagement and active promotions, Discord can be a lifesaver for NFT marketing campaigns. 

Why Discord?

Huge server: With nearly 140 million active users, Discord has one of the largest servers.

Helps build a loyal community: With constant engagement and active promotion, Discord can help create a dedicated community for your NFTs.

Promoting NFT gaming: Discord started as a platform for gamers to be in constant touch, so what else would be a better platform to promote NFT games? Gamers can use Discord to communicate, strategize, and even stream their games. 

Discord Classic and Nitro: Using these versions of Discord, users can enjoy various features like free server boosts, creating customized animated emojis, uploading HD videos, and live streaming.

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