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PancakeSwap Clone script is 100% tested and error-free. It allows anyone to launch their own DeFi-based Decentralized Exchange Platform (BSC) on Binance Smartchain (BSC).

Clarisco Solutions can provide the pancakeSwap script. We are a highly-rated DeFi Development Company and offer a trusted decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Pancakeswap Clone Script Business Scope:

To create a smart-contract-governed lending pool on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where crypto users can borrow digital assets and earn interest against their deposits, similar to Pancakeswap Exchange.

Use the -Swap function to swap tokens

-Liquidity Provider : To add liquidity to the platform based upon their preferred token pairs. Each liquidity provider receives a FLIP Token upon adding the respective crypto pair.

-Yield Farm : allows Crypto Users to place the FLIP Tokens that they have earned from the Liquidity Providers

-Syrup Pools : allows crypto traders to add new business ventures through the Vote feature

PancakeSwap Clone script - User-Based Features

1.User Login

2.User Interface (Expert | Participant)

3.Lend & Borrow

4.Stake | Vote

5. Slippage Tolerance Setting

6.Transaction Time Setting

7. Deposit and Withdraw


PancakeSwap Clone script - Admin Based Revenue Model

1.Lending & Borrowing Fee

2. Proposal Fee

3.Staking Pool Fee

Clarisco solutions develops, designs, and deploys PancakeSwap Clone Script. It includes DeFi functionality like swapping and liquidity pools, yield farming and lottery scheme. Smart Contract programmers have the ability to develop and test smart contracts. Auditing is also performed to ensure that smart contracts are secure and the platform functions properly.

Find out more about PancakeSwap Clone script!


Localbitcoins clone script - How to start a crypto exchange business like localbitcoins (2).png

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