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How Much do App Developers Charge Per Hour in India?

Jean Forest

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The hourly rates of app developers in India depend on their locations, experience, skills, project roles, and many other factors such as complexity and type of application. Considering India's highly skilled pool of developers, you can have unlimited options for developers who can handle everything well. With the continuously growing opportunities in Android app development, it is the most acceptable field for your app development. But for your app to shine through the others, it is essential to build it with someone with experience and expertise. App developers from India are highly experienced experts in various tech stacks who can work professionally with any development. Also, with so many developers and IT hotspots in India, choosing the final one could be tedious and confusing. That is why you should consider a few parameters to come up with the best developer choice.


If you are considering developing an Android application for your idea while partnering with an app developer from India, you will have to check for the cost structure involved. The range of applications costs between $20 to $1500 depending on the type of app, features, functionalities, and other factors. Firstly, before hiring developers in India who is highly skilled and experienced in mobile app development, you would have to research the market and developers. You can shortlist some companies for a proper decision, review their previous works through their portfolios, and check client reviews to ensure authenticity and abilities.



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