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Are you ready to enter the world of NFTs with the mightiest Chakra?

Olivia Noah

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The comic Book Covers (Stills) fantasizes the iconic first pages from the Superhero comic. People always get amazed with the covers of their superhero comics, and it is much more than anticipated when it comes to chakra. Orange Comet has launched these covers stills as part of the Chakra-The Invincible NFT collection.

The limited-edition collection comprises the original 200-page comic book featuring the origin story of Chakra the Invincible. It will feature five all-new variants of NFT comic book covers, and only 1250 NFTs would be minted for each cover.

As part of the Superhero comics, People are ready to get involved in the biggest launch this season in the world of NFTs. They are making people think about NFTs on a world new level. NFTs will be a unique perspective in people’s minds, creating new platforms to start trading and earning more income. Chakra becomes the limelight in the world of NFTs.

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