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What Are The Complete Series Of Collections Associated With Chakra The Invincible NFTs?


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Glad that you have already been aware of Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs. BeyondLife.club, in teaming up with Orange Comet; they are about to drop the Chakra NFT collection on December 27. Coming straight to the point, the exclusive collection of the Chakraverse NFTs is listed here.

  • Chakra Artpunks Loot Box consists of 6865 unique NFTs (Collection of generative Chakra)
  • Chakra Artpunks (A exclusive collection of characters from Chakra comics)
  • Animated Living Comic Book Cover
  • Comic Book Covers (First page of Chakra’s comic book)
  • Seven Chakra’s Powers
  • Animated NFT videos

Alongside, in commemoration of Stan Lee’s 99th birthday, b’day special NFT to be dropped on Dec 28, 2021. Get to know more details about Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs, visit  https://chakra.beyondlife.club/?fsz=home.

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