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[ANN] [POW/DPOS] Stellia Network | DecentralizedRNG | SmartContracts | Tokens


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Stellia Blockchain is a new blockchain solution to bring a friendly ecosystem with the most newest technologies to his users. 
It was written from scratch (is not based in any other blockchain project) using current and extensively tested technologies such as PHP, Python 3, NodeJS and MongoDB. 
Stellia Blockchain relies on a system of a maximum of 50 validators with Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus that can support short blocktime and lower fees.



Windows GUI wallet: https://github.com/stlxonline/electron-gui-wallet/releases/tag/v0.1.5
Linux GUI wallet: coming soon
Block Explorer (under development): https://stlx.online/explorer
Website (under development): https://stlx.online/
Documentation (under development): https://stlx.online/documentation/site/
Web wallet: coming soon

Discord: https://discord.gg/DyNaYcZqVV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StelliaSTLX
Youtube: coming soon
Github: https://github.com/stlxonline

AQUA Mining pool: https://aqua.mergedpools.com
CTHULU.FINANCE prototype: https://cthulu.finance/prototype.html


Name: Stellia
Ticker: STLX
Max supply: 42,000,000 STLX
Block time: 6 seconds
Max blocksize: 16Mb (max of MongoDB register)
Algorithm: Custom Balloon Implementation (https://crypto.stanford.edu/balloon/)
Fees: 0.000003 STLX for standard transaction
Features: Smart contracts, tokens & swap support, integrated RNG
Mining: "RNG-POW" (populating the RNG pool with external blockchains POW works) and DPOS.
Premined: 3,200,000 STLX:
    - 200,000 disributed between airdrop phase users.
    - 1,000,000 used for aidrops over tron network (distributed around 130K to 1k tron airdrop accounts): https://tronscan.org/#/token/1004183
    - 1,000,000 used for future aidrop over BSC network.
    - 500,000 used for future airdrop over another metamask compatible blockchain like ONE, HECO or similar.
    - 500,000 used for add liquidity to CTHULU swap pools.



STLX full servers includes a Random Number Generator used on smart contracts.

STLX users can populate the RNG pool with hashes of other compatible blockchain for contribute with the randomness of the system, and be rewarded for thar.

Check "Coin specs and emission" or our documentation page for more info: https://stlx.online/documentation/site/


STLX blockchain is mined by validators, taking the 70% of block reward, distributing 60% between his voters, and keeping 10% for validator account.

The other 30% of block rewards is sent to the RNG pool address. This address is connected to the RNG pool (like another centralized pool) and distributes 29% of the block reward
between people mining othe coins in our community pools, and keeping 1% o block reward as fees.

Reward distribution: 60% GSTLX DPOS voters, 10% DPOS Validator, 30% RNG RNG hashers (aka miners) (1% block reward pool fee).

Actually this feature is under development, and only Aquachain pool is available. You can mining directly from GUI wallet under "Mining" tab, or following the steps on the website:


Stellia Network will support two kind of smart contracts.

1. Simple JSON contracts: Contracts for non-developers. Fixed code included in STLX code. For example, ERC-20 tokens has the same source code in 99% of cases, only changing the name,
ticker, supply and decimals. With our JSON contracts you can create tokens only setting this values in a JSON file and send it to blockchain. We will support dozens of most common smart
contract types.

Actually supporting: tokens, staking, swap (included in GUI wallet)
Next developments: gaming contracts and NFT.

2. EVM style contracts: Maybe will support solidity contracts, maybe our own custom contract system written in PHP, javascript or similar.

Available in Summer 2022 on testnet for first tests.


STLX: Main coin, such as ETH or BNB on his respective blockchains. Can be staked for get STLG and GSTLX tokens.

STLG: Non-tradeable token used for vote in community polls.

GSTLX: Non-tradeable token used for vote DPoS representative and get STLX rewards from mining new blocks.

CTLU: Our DeFi tradeable token. Will be used in our DeFi in development platform (https://cthulu.finance/prototype.html).

USDX: 1:1 BUSD tradeable token. Any USDX generated equals 1 BUSD on Binance Smart Chain. USDX tokens can be sent to BUSD BSC network from STLX wallet.


Generate a new wallet / mining: coming soon at youtube
Stake STLX and use GSTLX / STLG: coming soon at youtube
Exchange STLX for CTLU and stake them: coming soon at youtube
Exchange STLX for USDX and sent them to BSC network: coming soon at youtube

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