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NFT Turbo LEGENDS 90s returns as NFT tokens


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Some collectibles will never get old. Remember our childhood and Turkish gum wrappers with cars and motorbikes? Well, the collectors returned with new technologies. Years ago, this was child play. Now, it is a serious business with tremendous potential.


The value of rare wrappers was renown by any teenager in the nineties. We hunted the last piece of collection more eager, and then Captain Ahab pursued the White Whale. The seldomness of some Turbo wrappers in some countries was incredible.

Today we are proudly present the first batch of antiquity. NFT Turbo LEGENDS 90s are the last sign of an era. Their collectible value is only growing. Look at the post stamps of yore. The Red Crown Guinea Stamp is now worth about two million pounds! Well, the wrappers are way more numerous. But we are offering you a complex collection in a unique batch!

You can easily buy our Turbo legends in the form of an NFT token. It means your actives will be incredibly safe. They can’t be stolen easily. Also, you will have a payment in the best financial active of modern times – a crypto coin. The blockchain provides you not only total security but also a speed of light!

And this is only our first venture! The Turbo wrappers are good for collecting but we have other interests back in the nineties. Rare LEGO figures, magazines, the unpacked action figures – these are the potential Aladdin’s cave for modern treasure hunters. Check out our news – and we’ll provide you with the best cultural values from the past.

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