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Failed BTC Deposit on Blockchain.com... "missing block"...? They're going to BURN MY COINS!!


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I wonder if you could offer any advice please?

Earlier today, I withdrew 0.3 BTC from my exchange wallet, and deposited it elsewhere. The address I sent it to at Blockchain.com has received it, but is failing to process it properly due to a “missing block”, and cannot complete the transaction, meaning I cannot access the funds, and I’m being told that they will shortly burn my BTC…. obviously not what I want.

Blockchain.com is saying that to solve this, I must create a duplicate transaction (send ANOTHER 0.3 BTC) to repair the first transaction, and that once this is done, the first transaction will be sent back to my exchange wallet, and the second transaction will process properly.

My question is, does this sound plausible to you? I mean they are basically saying “you’re first 0.3 BTC didn’t work, try sending another 0.3. BTC…” This is a lot of money to me, I’m worried that I’m just going to lose another 0.3 BTC. Is the problem they are describing a common one? thanks I will paste the text from their email below:


Our system has detected an error during your transaction mentioned in the email.

For you to understand what missing block means, let me explain how blockchain works.

Blockchain is a system of recording information. So, it's like a ledger system, where every data exchange has a spot in the log. More so, the data exchanges in the system are called transactions. Once the transaction is verified, it gets a place in the ledger system as a block (this is why it is called blockchain).

In the Bitcoin network, each peer maintains a full copy of the ledger (blockchain).

What will happen if a peer loses one of its blocks in the blockchain (e.g. another process on the peer accidentally wiped out the disk area that stores the block)?

For Bitcoin Core, the node maintains a database which has the locations of all blocks on disk. If a block is deleted, then it will notice that the location of a block either does not exist or contains garbage or invalid data. If it does notice that a block is missing (or something is corrupted), it will attempt to rebuild the database using the blocks stored on disk and then download the missing blocks from its peers.

However, blocks can actually be deleted after they have been verified and the local database has updated so that the node knows the block it has just deleted was a valid block. This is called pruning, and with pruning, old, historical blocks can be deleted as they aren't used for anything in normal node operation (except helping new nodes sync).

So how can we correct it, if the blockchain can not recover database of the transaction?

It is very simple, you need to try exactly the same transaction one more time, to exactly the same address, from exactly the same crypto exchange. Old transaction will take information from the new one. The old one will be returned to your crypto exchange and the new one will arrive at the recipient's address.

For more details please feel free to reply here. 
Should I send ANOTHER 0.3 BTC?, or am I just going to get robbed??
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Kind Regards.
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