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How to upgrade the Denarius v3.3.9.11 wallet, QT or Daemon, now with DDNS, decentralized Domain support. The idea here is to not force a mandatory protocol upgrade, we can swap the wallet and either sync from block 0, or use chaindata. This will be wordy, but its not too many steps.


Latest binaries - https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases

First stop wallet and backup wallet.dat somewhere safe, like a USB thumbdrive.

Download the v3.3.9.11 binary or compile from source. Unzip to wherever you normally run the binary from. For Windows you just replace your existing Denarius.exe file.

Delete the files in the chaindata folder and keep denarius.conf fortunastake.conf wallet.dat.

Data Directory Locations

OS Data Directory
Windows %APPDATA%\Denarius
macOS /Library/Application Support/Denarius
Linux ~/.denarius/


Now you can choose to sync from block 0 or download chaindata.zip from https://denarii.cloud/ . Put this file in your above Data Directory and unzip in place.

After unzipping chaindata.zip, restart the wallet.

Common new options in denarius.conf

DDNS=1 turns on the local DDNS support to resolve directly from the wallet, turn off with 0. Might be handy when running multiple wallets on same computer.
DDNSPORT=5333 default port for DDNS, that can be changed, might be handy if running multiple wallets on same computer with DDNS=1

Don't forget to checkout how to get started with Denarius DDNS NVS.


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