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Low Circulation and High Demand at Opening of SCU Trading

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PRESS RELEASE. Securypto trade will open on Bilaxy on 1 January, 2021 and all indicators say that it will start off strong given the high demand for it alongside the low circulation of the coin as pointed out by Securypto team. There will be only 410,000 coins available for sale when it starts trading on Bilaxy.

On top of that, another 750,000 coins have been recently burned on 28 December, 2020. This news alone has made investors pay more attention to the potential Securypto has on the market especially since the SCU coin is one of the few coins that actually has a use case.

Taking in consideration the scarcity of the coin, it is expected by the Securypto telegram community that the value of the coin will increase by time in both short and long term in their recent poll.

Securypto has raised almost $100,000 before the exchange opening which is an astonishing feat on its own these days, long past the days of ICOs. This signal clearly shows how strong the community and investors believe in this project.


Bilaxy support has quite been unprecedented, “Bilaxy has always been the home of crypto hidden gems, and we are happy to support more promising blockchain projects with our various financial services like trading, staking and more. Anonymity is a scarce commodity in this day and age and we have seen Securypto’s potential to develop a model where you take back control of your data and send and receive truly anonymous encrypted data.”

About SCU

SCU, which stands for Securypto Token, is a utility token that enables users send and receive encrypted messages and data with it’s app DigiSafeGuard. The app itself already allows you to do that but the utility token enables an anonymity layer on top of it which makes it a perfect instrument for everyone that cares about their privacy to send and receive data.

Early feedback from early adapters shows that mostly people who live in restrictive countries make use of this application like North Korea and places where censorship is very high and freedom of speech is a luxury where Securypto has given them a voice.

Whistleblowers have also commended it’s ease of use and high level of encryption and how it makes it easy to use as Whatsapp but the moment you send the message it looks like your message goes into a wormhole and the receiver gets the message and no one can discover the path it has taken from sender to receiver making it impossible for anyone to track the message or decrypt it.

It comes then as no surprise why both the community and investors have been excited about the development and launch of SCU/ETH trading on Bilaxy exchange on 1 January, 2021.


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