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How should the Denarius lotto be run?


How should the Denarius lotto be run?  

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  1. 1. Lotto Type

    • Weighted Pool
    • 5 Number Ticket
    • Other (Post Below)
  2. 2. Payout Handling

    • 1 Winner
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winners
    • Other (Post Below)

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I need a general idea on how my Denarius lottery should be run. Any suggestions or comments should be posted below.



A weighted Pool lotto is where each person puts in money to the pool and has a chance to win to proportional to the amount they put in. You cannot put in more than 20% of the limit. The minimum pot will change based on popularity.

A 5 Number lottery is where each person buys a ticket at a fixed price and picks 5 numbers from 1-69. If a person picks all five numbers correctly then they get half of all the money put in. You can buy as many tickets as you want. Since this will be small, order of number won't matter. If you guess less than the 5 correct then follow this equation for the amount you win: w = (Ticket Price) x 2^c where w is your winnings and c is the amount of correct numbers.

No matter which method is chosen, there will be limits put into place to always make sure that the winners will always have 50% of the pot, and that if one person gets 4 numbers correct, they do not get more than 10% of the pot.

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