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Here are the tips to manage your dedicated app development team


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After covid-19 there is a significant surge in remote and work-from-home.  This new digitized surge has brought new challenges for managers. It doesn't mean that remote work has changed the team management up-side-down. But there are certain changes that have been seen and managers need to adapt to them quickly.

  1. Keep Your Expectation Clear: As a manager, team leader, or mentor you have to set some expectations for where you want to go? What do you want to achieve? What is your goal? What do you want your team to achieve? How? Communicating your expectations with team members can keep teams on track and you can easily measure their productivity & efficiency.

  2. Weaponize them with necessary tools:  Whether your team members are working remotely or working from the office. Necessary tools and support are essential every employee of an organization needs to perform his duties and engage with other team members. 

  3. Schedule Meetings Strategically: Scheduling meetings strategically could be very advantageous for you as a manager. Through meetings, you can stay in touch with the team and know about the work progress, issues, and productivity. One of the benefits of scheduling meetings strategically is that you can hear from everyone at once.

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