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Why is a thematic index (investing) important to investors?


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thematic index is an investment index that tracks the performance of companies that are tied to specific investment themes. The fund director will start by relating a trending the companies that are set to perform particularly well regarding that trend. These companies and means will also make the base for the index. which will track their performance to replicate and prognosticate the performance of the trend as a whole.


Thematic investing is each about relating specific long- term structural trends. it will make for investment profitable growth, a good return on investments. Having linked these trends, it's important to have a means of tracking its progress and performance. In this way, thematic investment takes its coming step from planning and exploration to factual investment.

A thematic index is a tool that enables this transition. By tracking the performance of companies linked to the chosen theme, investors can target their investments and measure there performance. Our thematic indices long term growth strategy that are expected to benefits to emerging trends of market dynamics. They essay to identify current megatrends with unborn impact using rules- grounded, transparent, and methodical approach. The indicators used as underpinnings for ETFs, collective finances, structured products and exchange- traded derivations.

You’re Benefits

Best Ideas- Capture long- term growth with themes precisely named to duck short- term fashions and avoid illiquid or narrow portfolios.

Innovative approaches- Choose between a profit- grounded and an artificial intelligence indices (AI)- grounded approach to directly target themes.


Open Armature - Benefit from our clients with leading data providers. which are breaking ground in logical styles to help directly identify sources of thematic award.

Differ occasion- Diversify your portfolio with geographic allocations and time midair's that differ from those of traditional benchmarks.

Thematic Index is designed to track the performance of companies that provide exposure to the millennial generation, (“Millennial Companies”).

About Indxx- Founded in 2005, Indxx endeavors to deliver innovative and custom indexing and calculation solutions to the investment management community at large. Indxx and products tracking its indices have been nominated for and received numerous awards. including ‘Best Index Provider - Emerging Markets ETFs’ at the ETF Express US Awards in October 2020. Most Innovative ETF Index Provider’ for the Americas at the 14th Annual Global ETF Awards in July 2018.

For more information about indxx feel free to visit: https://www.indxx.com/

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