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how does the coinspot clone script work?

braxton _1771

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The crypto exchange has achieved undisputed growth in the crypto industry. Its massive revenue-earning factors attracted many business magnets to create a crypto exchange platform.

If you are also impressed and looking to start a crypto exchange, then here I came up with one of the finest development methods for your exchange business- the coinspot clone script.

This premium clone script will assist to initiate your exchange business with advanced features. Therefore, by using this script, you can attract a wide crypto audience as well as generate huge profits.

Coinspot clone script comes at a budget-friendly price. So you can easily retain huge profits with small investments. And this script has all the existing features of a popular exchange - coinspot.

This script is 100 % bug-free and has a well-designed user-friendly interface. Besides, you can easily customize the layout and features as per your unique requirements.

Now let's have a look at the working of the coinspot clone script

For admins:

You can monitor trade activities on the 24/7 basis

If any unwanted activities happened on the platform, you can notify by the alert messages.

A secure crypto wallet is integrated into the admin panel. So the revenue of the exchange will be stored on it.

For users :

Users can register the account by their phone number or Gmail with a strong password. After creating, OTP will be sent automatically to the registered phone number or e-mail.

Once the user confirmed the verification by mail/phone number, the user must provide the essential bank account details. If the KYC verification is done,  Your user must deposit a minimum amount. Then your users can trade on cryptocurrencies. 

 Example: If the user wants to buy BTC. The user should click the buy/sell option . Then you choose the type of fiat currency for bitcoin. After choosing the type.Users need to choose the payment method for buying bitcoin.After choosing the payment gateway, the user just needs to click the buy option. Then it's automatically stored in his/her crypto wallet.

I hope now you got some idea about the working procedure of the coinspot clone script. 

Get a free demo >>>> Coinspot clone script


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