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Generally, peer-to-peer crypto exchanges are opted by many crypto traders. Because p2p cryptocurrency exchanges are highly secured and do not involve any third parties to complete the transaction. There is a huge demand for peer-to-peer crypto exchanges and the demand will not decrease. Many startups and entrepreneurs are willing to start a p2p crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins. The simplest and the most efficient way to start a crypto exchange like localbitcoins is by using a localbitcoins clone script.

Localbitcoins clone script- overview

A Localbitcoins clone script is a pre-developed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange software that is loaded with advanced features and security options similar to the LocalBitcoins exchange. By getting a reliable LocalBitcoins Clone Script, crypto startups can start a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins in just 10 days. Also, the cost is very low compared to other crypto exchange development methods.

Business Benefits of using LocalBitcoins clone script

Multiple trading options
Instant transactions
More than 200 cryptocurrencies supported
Multiple security features
Customizable software and app
Multi-lingual assistance
Multiple compatibilities
High scalability
Security features

These are the major reasons why many crypto startups are preferring this method of starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform like localbitcoins using the Localbitcoins clone script. But you need to ensure that the Localbitcoins clone script is filled with the essential features of a typical localbitcoins exchange. Check out the features that you need to consider to present in the localbitcoins clone script.

Features of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Secure Escrow management
OTC trading
Margin Trading
Integrated chatbox
No tampering
Staking cryptocurrencies
Token listing
Where to get the Localbitcoins clone script?

Although there are various cryptocurrency exchange script providers, there are only a few cryptocurrency exchange script providers that offer feature-filled localbitcoins clone scripts. Coinsqueens being a leading cryptocurrency exchange script provider offers best-in-class Localbitcoins clone script at affordable costs.

Get a free demo of their Localbitcoins clone script

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