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Gathered Most Popular Crypto Groups , Influencers in one place for easy following and sorting out Who is Great Trader and Who is Scammer


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Started back in 2017 our service to help people to find Crypto Premium Groups, where one group approx. costs 100-300$ advises, signals, analysis

We gathered all those groups in one place, we bought their subscriptions and invested big money but to find which groups are good and which ones are scammers.
in this time We have found many groups which are really reliable and have some influence on market from whom You can benefit and make right desicion and trades based on their outlook on market and Given Fundamental and Technical analysis on The Signal ( long or Short, or The Coin ,like GMT , APE We had recently)

We offer to people find out about them and not to go and search one by one and giving away money to scammers, but check out our service and join the right one group afterwards straight to those who are really reliable.

You can read more about our history why we started and have all that in our discord. Thank Your for Your time.




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yes, i know its hard to find them, thats why We exist, so You dont need to waster Your money and time for searching, also understadnable that You haven't found them, because hands get down after getting finding 2-3-4 groups in a row which are in the end scams. But There You have Our service now!!!

 We are checking all the top traders, groups or known on the market/internet , yes some of them are scams, and we removed them or moved them to Lowest category called "scam or pump groups" for members to see which groups are pump and dump and also have find Groups Which are really reliable and good for crypto trading

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