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Pride Pixies NFT Collection - Next Best Female Founded NFT to drop


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The Pride Pixies NFTs are a collection of 10,557 unique handmade and randomly generated NFTs created to support diversity and inclusion
True Dream Vision is delighted to announce that it is set to unveil the most badass, female-centric, women’s empowerment, and inclusion focussed collection of NFTs. The Pride Pixies NFTs are a collection of 10,557 unique handmade and randomly generated NFTs, created to highlight support for diversity and inclusion.

“We are dedicated to promoting a community where individuals from all over the world can identify and express themselves freely.”

True Dream Vision was founded by Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino, who sits proudly as the first female Latinx, LGTBQ+ activist, committed to shattering the glass ceiling in an industry mostly run by men.

Scheduled to begin minting on the 1st of June 2022, on their website PridePixies.com , supporters of women empowerment and the LGTBQ+ community can also purchase the Pride Pixies NFTs on the secondary market through OpenSea as well as on True Dream Vision’s new NFT Marketplace called Moovmint.io

If you got this far and you’re reading this, you’re probably my mom. If you’re not my mom, you’re probably intrigued and moved by our cause. Anyway, here are more details: Each Pride Pixie NFT is a combination of hand made designs and auto generated from over 100 unique attributes hand drawn by True Dream Vision.

For more information on the unique utilities and functionalities of the Pride Pixies NFT collection, please visit the website https://www.PridePixies.com or reach out to the creators via the contact info below.

Linktree - https://linktr.ee/PridePixiesNFT
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylor-diamond-vizcaino-0449308a
Twitter – https://twitter.com/PridePixiesNFT

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