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Cardano announces integration with Wolfram Alpha to create a new type of oracle

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IOHK, the company behind Cardano, announced that it partnered with Wolfram Blockchain Labs to integrate the Cardano blockchain into Wolfram Alpha. According to the company’s announcement, the collaboration will allow users to users to interact with the Cardano blockchain and will include work on “avant-garde” oracles.

Wolfram Alpha partners with IOHK to integrate data from the Cardano blockchain

The Cardano blockchain has gotten a major new use case that’s set to further fuel IOHK’s push to make Cardano the go-to platform for enterprises.

According to the latest announcement from the company, Wolfram Alpha, a major computational engine, will be integrating data from the Cardano blockchain. The integration will happen through Wolfram Blockchain Labs, a subsidiary of Wolfram Research.

The partnership will allow users to interrogate the Cardano blockchain through Wolfram language functions. This will enable developers to integrate external data into the Cardano blockchain, the company explained, adding that the partnership will specifically focus on creating what it called “avant-garde” oracles.

IOHK said that the functionality will roll out in 2021, while the integration will be released later in the year. No concrete dates were given for any of the partnership’s phases.

Integrating with the engine behind Siri is a big step for Cardano

While Cardano isn’t the first blockchain that integrated with Wolfram’s computational technology and knowledge base, the partnership still represents a major step for the enterprise-focused blockchain. Wolfram Alpha is a natural language processing tool that powers Apple’s Siri & Amazon’s Alexa intelligent assistants.

Wolfram previously integrated with Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, as well as the ARK blockchain framework and Bloxberg.

Aside from developing smart contract-based applications for blockchain commerce, the partnership will also see Wolfram Blockchain Labs include Cardano-specific content in its course material. This will allow developers from all kinds of backgrounds to learn how to get the most out of the various tools offered by Wolfram and the oracles for Cardano.

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