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A Beginner’s Guide to HODLC

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From the outside, crypto can seem like an intimidating topic. There is a plethora of new vocabulary and a steep learning curve. Newcomers can feel bewildered or lost in a maze of competing projects. Even experienced tech users can feel as though they’ve entered a topsy-turvy world. However, circumnavigating those concerns is crucial to ensure broader adoption, which is precisely what HODLCommunity (HODLC) is all about. 

The Scary Nature of Crypto

As an onlooker, the daunting nature of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, should not be dismissed. Crypto is not one’s traditional investment opportunity. It requires a strong stomach to ride the rollercoaster of market volatility. While crypto-assets offer a lot of freedom, there is a multitude of responsibilities to keep in mind. Striking a balance between the two is no easy feat. 

Many people have given crypto a cursory glance and decided not to partake in it due to how overwhelming it appears. This first impression creates a significant barrier to entry. However, not all crypto projects are cast from the same mould. Giving HODLCommunity a chance may help aspiring crypto users get a foot in the door. 

It’s important to remember that putting money into any investment carries a certain degree of risk. As with any project, HODLCommunity cannot guarantee anyone will profit. It all comes down to how the community handles and promotes the project, and this is where HODLC shines.

Enter the HODLCommunity

HODLC has a radical concept at its core: to create a sense of community. This is a sharp diversion from the traditional crypto project. When you invest your assets in HODLC, you are joining the HODLCommunity. 

To foster a sense of community, the project originators did not offer a private sale to investors, nor did they stockpile a sum of HODLC for themselves. They quietly started the project and began building a community. To date, all publicity has been word-of-mouth.

Additionally, the project originators created a redistribution mechanism from which all community members benefit. When HODLC is purchased from the reserve, the Ether used to make that purchase is proportionally redistributed to the community. When HODLT (a stable token with utility features) is converted into HODLC, the value difference is also proportionally redistributed to the community.

HODLCommunity serves as a social experiment to upend traditionally held concepts about value creation. By moving away from a winner takes all strategy, HODLC challenges public perceptions of crypto as perplexing, capricious, or only of interest to crypto zealots. HODLC is not an asset for anyone looking for short-term gains based on gaming the market. HODLC seeks to tread a different path – one of solidarity and recurrent use.

HODLC Growth

HODLC growth works on two simple premises: scarcity and value increase. HODLC also addresses the predominant concern of crypto assets – volatility – as it is primarily an algorithmic token, it will not experience much volatility.

A maximum of 40 million HODLC has been created, thus creating scarcity. Initially, tokens will be purchased from the smart contract reserve using Ether. Participants can then buy and sell HODLC amongst themselves, with purchases from the reserve occurring if there is insufficient supply in the marketplace. 

The system cleverly uses two value increase instruments to ensure predictable growth.

  • Dynamic Value Increase (DVI): each transaction increases the value of the asset by $0.0001. It doesn’t look significant, but every 10,000 transactions will increase the asset’s value by $1.00. 
  • Temporal Value Increase (TVI): the current value of HODLC is increased every 24-hour cycle by a tiny percentage, which follows a 12-month cycle. In the first year, the increase will be 100%. The TVI will gradually be stepped down, achieving a bottom floor of 5% annually sometime after 2044.

Contrary to what some people may expect, this project is not intended to replace Bitcoin or Ethereum. Other cryptocurrencies may want to achieve that goal, but HODLC is a very different animal. At its core, the developers aim to introduce a cycle of value that middlemen cannot control.

An Approachable Solution for Newcomers

For users who want to ensure peace of mind while getting involved in crypto, HODLC offers many benefits. By joining the HODLCommunity, newcomers are invited into a space where crypto is approachable. HODLC’s predictable nature ensures users will not look at it as a speculative investment but rather a recurrent usage tool. HODLC is positioned well to ensure stability and usher in a new wave of crypto enthusiasts. 

HODLCommunity further facilitates the prêt-a-porter atmosphere with a straightforward approach to trade. HODLC uses a smart contract to issue pre-minted tokens ensuring that it does not need to get listed on exchanges or trading platforms right away. Obtaining HODLC can be done directly from other participants or the smart contract through the HODLdex. However, the system does use Ether for gas money, and participants need to use a MetaMask or other ERC20 wallet. However, these small steps point to a modest learning curve that will benefit users who delve further into the crypto-sphere.

A New Dawn for Crypto Neophytes

As an experiment, the HODLCommunity is undoubtedly an exciting project that can help more people enter the crypto-arena. It checks a lot of the right boxes to make people feel more comfortable in a new environment. While typical cryptocurrencies appeal to the hare in terms of potential profit, HODLC is the tortoise combining predictability with a long-term view. 

The appeal of the HODLCommunity is evident. Stability and predictability are two aspects that can ensure broader adoption of crypto assets across all demographics. Thus leading to a change in strategy for many crypto companies and inaugurating a golden age of crypto.

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