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Which card is viable (Nvidia 3090)?


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I have ordered a 3080. Don't got it yet, but def going to test it out on whining when it comes. I'll try to let you know. In general the 3000 series is faster and more efficient then the previous one, not sure how profitable it is to mine with, but it's better then the previous generation. 

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On 12/11/2020 at 12:23 AM, onebigindian said:

..so? Is a 3070/80/90 Viable or not???

Probably not viable for a typical mine whatever it at the top of whattomine for daily profit. But if the GPU was for say your gaming PC and you mined when not gaming, that brings a bit more into the equation, as you already were buying the GPU for another reason. Or if you spec mined new coins with no exchanges, thats always a possibility.

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