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How to Make a bootstrap.dat - Devault [DVT]

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How to make a bootstrap for Devault using python linearize tool.

Bitcoin reference: https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/a/42916

Linearize is located in https://github.com/devaultcrypto/devault/tree/develop/contrib/linearize, basically go to contrib/linearize folder on your latest Bitcoin fork. Copy example-linearize.cfg to linearize.cfg and edit some parameters. https://github.com/devaultcrypto/devault/pull/321/commits/8e5a4aadea66412d8a4d064c13ae55e1d6d7ffa4

You want to find the rpc port being used, netmagic, genesis block, and the default home directory for appdata.

RPC port is generally on the front page of the github, if not you got some searching to do. Here is where its located on Devault. https://github.com/devaultcrypto/devault/blob/23982400beac78d27ef11a0a69cfc300b46c07bb/src/chainparamsbase.cpp#L37

For genesis block you can go to an explorer and type 0 for block. https://exploredvt.com/block-height/0 or find it in the code maybe? https://github.com/devaultcrypto/devault/blob/develop/src/chainparams.cpp#L124

Which also happens to be where the netmagic is located, lineaize gave me an error on using the netmagic hex, so I ended up using the error which is the diskMagic https://github.com/devaultcrypto/devault/blob/develop/src/chainparams.cpp#L109

Sample linearize.cfg (pick you block height you want to go to in here, and update rpc user and password)

# bitcoind RPC settings (linearize-hashes)

# bootstrap.dat hashlist settings (linearize-hashes)

# bootstrap.dat input/output settings (linearize-data)

# mainnet

# testnet

# "output" option causes blockchain files to be written to the given location,
# with "output_file" ignored. If not used, "output_file" is used instead.
# output=/home/example/blockchain_directory

# Maximum size in bytes of out-of-order blocks cache in memory
out_of_order_cache_sz = 100000000

# Do we want the reverse the hash bytes coming from getblockhash?
rev_hash_bytes = False

# On a new month, do we want to set the access and modify times of the new
# blockchain file?
file_timestamp = 0
# Do we want to split the blockchain files given a new month or specific height?
split_timestamp = 0

# Do we want debug printouts?
debug_output = False

Once you edit linearize.cfg

./linearize-hashes.py linearize.cfg > hashlist.txt


./linearize-data.py linearize.cfg

Now you have your bootstrap. I am lazy and use zip

zip -r bootstrap.zip bootstrap.dat

Now you can throw the finished bootstrap.dat into your ~/.devault or appdata directory for faster initial sync on another computer or run a website to host your file for others to grab.

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