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Staking your ARI Uniswap Liquidity Pool Token and Staking Ari Directly v1.0.5


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Main Denarii website: https://ari.finance/
Staking Pool: https://pool.ari.finance/ 

After providing Liquidity on Uniswap, go to https://pool.ari.finance/ for the ARI Pool and choose your wallet, typically Metamask.

Click on Uniswap v2 ARI/ETH


Here's your chance to select your wallet if using a hardware wallet. Make sure the address at the top matches the address you want to use.


Unlock this pool and wait for confirmation. This step costs Gas. After the confirmation, give it about 30 seconds to update on the dApp itself and refresh and go back into the pool.


You can Stake LP tokens or Stake ALL, slider seems easy enough.


I will choose 100% because just as well stake everything you have.


Wait for confirmation. This step requires Gas. Give this step about 30 seconds after confirmation and refresh the page. My transaction happened to fail on this step, so I needed to do this part again.


And now I can see my LP token staking, and earning ARI.


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