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Staking your ARI Uniswap Liquidity Pool Token


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Once you have supplied the ARI-ETH Liquidity Pool token, guide here 

ARI-ETH pairing is here https://uniswap.info/pair/0x399c74f05c912d60329b038d52628558f28e4f7e

In this example 40000 ARI wil be staked across whoever is participating in this pool, for 7 days. The more Liquidity you provide the more you can stake.

Click on Uniswap v2 ARI/ETH


Once you are supplying the LP token, the unlock button will open, click unlock and confirm on metamask.


Wait for the confirmation and then refresh the page, click Stake tokens.


Once you confirm on metmask you will see the transaction in progress! screen.


Wait a bit and refresh the pool page to see that you are now staking your LP token and gaining ARI too!


Once you set this up, I would suggest to also stake your ARI as well, to maximize rewards.


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