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Getting Started with ARI Token on Balancer

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As with anything with Ethereum be careful what you do. This guide is for adding Liquidity on Balancer.

Token: ARI
Contract: 0x8a8b5318d3a59fa6d1d0a83a1b0506f2796b5670
ARI-ETH Uniswap Pair: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x399c74f05c912d60329b038d52628558f28e4f7e
Balancer ARI Liquidity Pool: https://pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0xa516b20aaa2ceaf619004fda6d7d31dcc98f342a/


You will most likely want ETH, ARI, USDC, DAI in your wallet if you want to add to the entire Pool, plus gas fees.

Go to the Balancer page and click Add Liquidity


Setup Proxy, pay the Gas.


Wait 10 confirmations.


I got that screen again and clicked Next. And back to warning since ARI is not in the Balancer whitelist.


Click Add Liquidity again. Unlock the pairs you want to use. I am going to unlock each one available.


I am maxing out DAI and let the rest go into the pool. Then click the red warning on the left after reading the warnings. Click Add Liquidity.


Pay the gas and now you have added Liquidity to the ARI balancer pool.

If you enjoy my content please consider donating to the Denarius creator - https://www.patreon.com/carsenk
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