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Getting Started with ARI Token on Uniswap


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As with anything with Ethereum be careful what you do. This guide is for adding new Smart Contract ARI and using Uniswap to Swap ETH for ARI, and then putting into the LP token.

Token: ARI
Website: https://ari.finance/
dApp: https://pool.ari.finance/
Contract: 0x8a8b5318d3a59fa6d1d0a83a1b0506f2796b5670
ARI-ETH Pair: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x399c74f05c912d60329b038d52628558f28e4f7e

Helpful Stats Links:
https://uniswap.info/account/ add ETH address to the end for stats

ARI - Denarii256x256_Black-1.png?1590893262

First setup metamask if you haven't already. Save your seed somewhere safe! https://metamask.io/download.html

Go to uniswap https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap and select a token, copy and paste the Contract Address 0x8a8b5318d3a59fa6d1d0a83a1b0506f2796b5670 and click Add. I already added, so its giving me the option to remove.



Now you can swap some ETH for ARI. Since this is not technically released Announced as of this guide. Trying to buy 1 Ethereum worth of ARI will impact the price too much, slippage. Try something smaller to dip your feet in.


Once you get some ARI now you can setup the Liquidity Pool token. LP Token for short. This is where you can earn fees supplying Liquidity to the pool. Click on Pool and then Add Liquidity. As any guide you will see on this, you can get rekt. Just be careful how much you are putting into this if you are new to uniswap.


Think of the next step as you put in 1:1 of the pairing. 1 ETH against however many ARI. So if you bought so much ARI you can put about that similar amount of value of ETH. As of the time of this writing here is an example of supplying 0.5 ETH and 709.014 ARI. If this is your first time you first have to Click Add, then metamask will ask you to sign. Then input your ETH/ARI value and click Supply.


I will supply 0.5 ETH and 709.014 for the example, and Confirm Supply.


Pay the Gas fees. Generally use fastest gas.


Now you wait and cross fingers the TX goes through and doesn't fail.


Shows pending at the top right in uniswap.


After that goes through now click back to Pool and see some stats.


Click View accrued fees and analytics for some more stats on your particular ETH address.


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How to add ARI token to Metamask.

Click the Fox if you installed the plugin, and select your ETH account. Then click Add Token.


Click Custom Token and input the contract address and the rest should autofill.


Here are the smart contract details.

Contract: 0x8a8b5318d3a59fa6d1d0a83a1b0506f2796b5670
Ticker Symbol: ARI
Decimals: 8

Click Next and now ARI is added to metamask.


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