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Secure Twitter Account using Yubikey


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Secure your twitter account using a Yubikey for 2FA. Example Yubikey 5 NFC to buy https://amzn.to/3fwGcju, I would get more than 1 for backups. 2 or 3 seems like a good number at least. Sometimes their main store has deals https://www.yubico.com/store/

Click More -> settings and privacy -> Account -> Security -> Two-factor authentication


Click Authentication App


verify your password, then open up Yubi Auth on your phone or PC or something to scan the QR.


On the phone tap the + in the bottom right corner and tap SCAN QR-CODE. After the scan click save. Tap or insert your Yubikey. I tap the NFC to the phone. Now take your 2nd Yubikey and do the same thing again. This keeps a backup so if you lose 1 yubikey you have a backup. Now both keys can tap the Yubi Auth, or use Yubi Auth on your PC.


Input the key and now Authentication is setup.

Now lets add the security key so you can just plug the key in and push the button to use on Twitter. Stick the Yubkey into your USB slot on the PC and Click Security Key.


Click start and then it will bring up a screen, click OK. I hope this next screen is obvious, Touch your security key.


Once that's done you can now use your key to login.


Strangely only 1 security will work on twitter. Now go do this on any other sites that use Authentication.

This is what the Windows Yubi Auth looks like. No physical key, not getting codes. But really prefer just the key logins when possible like say gmail and github.



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