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BlockForums Point System


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Introducing BlockForums Points! (BF$)


BF$ points are valued at a 100 BF$ to $1.00 USD value.

Buy BF$

You can purchase BF$ with Paypal via https://blockforums.org/membersshop/?do=purchasePoints

Spend BF$

You can spend your purchased or earned BF$ via https://blockforums.org/membersshop/

Trade BF$

You can donate/send BF$ to any forum member.

Earn BF$

You can earn BF$ from the activities below and also gain an interest of 1% per month holding your BF$ in your "Bank"


How do I earn BF$?

You can earn 1 BF$ per quality topic posted

You can earn 1 BF$ as the original poster of a topic for each reply

You can earn 2 BF$ per best answer picked in our Q/A boards

You can earn BF$ from random giveaways and contests in our forums

You can earn 1 BF$ for every reaction received on a post or topic


How do I spend BF$?

You can send BF$ to any other forum member

You can spend BF$ in our BF$ Shop for all sorts of account upgrades, topic pinning, membership upgrades, and more!


Terms of BF$

We recommend you enable 2FA on your forum account for better account security if holding BF$.

BF$ comes with no warranty, no guarantees, and no liabilities. BF$ is not redeemable for fiat. By purchasing BF$ you agree to these terms and is non-refundable. These terms, pricing, and rewards are subject to change at anytime without warning.



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