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Coinomi in QubesOS

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How to create standalone qube from debian-10-crypto template

Name: Coinomi
type: Standalone qube copied from a template
template: debian-10-crypto
networking: default (sys-firewall)

go to firefox for this new qube and download Coinomi wallet for linux
open terminal and

cd ~/Downloads
cp coinomi-wallet-<version>.tar.gz ~/
cd ~
tar -xzvf coinomi-wallet-<version>.tar.gz

link the Coinomi exec to your usr/local/bin folder

sudo ln -s ~/Coinomi/Coinomi /usr/local/bin

now we want to use coinomi-wallet.desktop to setup the easy click menu
copy the contents of that file to /usr/share/applications/coinomi-wallet.desktop

sudo nano /usr/share/applications/coinomi-wallet.desktop


[Desktop Entry]
Name=Coinomi Wallet

save this go back to your Coinomi Qube -> qube settings -> applications -> refresh applications

Launch Coinomi Wallet from the Coinomi Qube

NOTE: I have no idea where the default icon is located


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