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How to Deposit Crypto into Unnamed Exchange


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First create an account at https://www.unnamed.exchange/

Remember to use a strong unique password and enable 2FA.


After validating your email, go to the Addresses list and then click Create Deposit Address


In this example we are depositing Bitcoin. Type BTC to find Bitcoin and push enter, then click next to get your Bitcoin Deposit Address.


Deposit Bitcoin into the exchange by either copy and pasting the BTC address, or use the QT code on something like coinomi with a camera.


After clicking continue you will be brought back to the address list again.


Wait for your confirmations after sending Bitcoin in and start buying up Denarius!

Bitcoin takes 10 minutes per confirmation, and currently the exchange requires 2 confirmations for a deposit of Bitcoin.
Denarius takes 30 seconds per confirmation, and currently the exchange requires 20 confirmation for a deposit of Denarius.

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