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[VRSC] Veruscoin Add App to Qubes AppVM


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I am using the Ubuntu 16.04 template I created for this.


Now create an AppVM. Top left button -> Create Qubes VM.

Name and Label: VerusCoin-Agama
Type: Qubes based on a template (AppVM)
template: whichever linux template you created to run Agama from
networking: sys-firewall or sys-whonix
checkmark launch settings after creation.

Give this 2gb ram at least.

Go to firefox from this AppVM and download the latest Agama wallet. Go to the Files from this AppVM and double click the appimage in the /Downloads folder. When it prompts to install, say yes.

Go to the top left button and click Terminal Emulator because we want to configure dom0. In there type

qvm-sync-appmenus VerusCoin-Agama

now go back to your VerusCoin qube settings, go to the applications tab and then you can bring the Agama app to the right side so this gets added to the menu.

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