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Planning to build an NFT mobile game


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NFT means non-fungible toke; each NFT is unique and holds unique value. It is not the same as conventional cryptocurrency, in which one unit is no different from the other similar unit. In NFT, each of them is unique and represents a different value. All the information about the owner and transaction is stored in the blockchain. 

Blockchain has some standards which you can leverage as a template for the function you use in the smart contract. The name of the standards is Ethereum(ERC721), Flow, Palm, Solana, And Tezos. 

In NFT Games, their blockchain-based entertainment product includes Avatars, Weapons, Costumes, Artifacts, And Skins. These all are examples of Non-fungible tokens. These tokens can be earned by players, and they can trade them with other players.

NFT games are divided into two models. Which are P2E(Play-to-earn) and F2P(Free-to-play). The first model is play-to-earn, in which players need to purchase their first NFT. To recoup their investment, they can trade their NFT with other players. 

The second model of NFT Is free-to-play as the name. This model does not require an NFT purchase. You can play the game right away. 

Nowadays mobile games are now getting into mainstream entertainment. People prefer playing video games over other ways of entertainment. 


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