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Official Forum Rules and Guidelines


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Table of Contents

  • 1. Code of Conduct
    • 1.1 Search Before Posting
    • 1.2 Use The English Language
    • 1.3 Help Others If You Can
    • 1.4 Don't Plagiarize (Steal work from others)
    • 1.5 Only Create ONE Account
    • 1.6 No Advertising (More Info)
    • 1.7 No Backseat Moderating
  • 2. Posting Guidelines
    • 2.1. No Spamming
      • 2.1.1 No Multi Posting
      • 2.1.2 No Low Effort Posts
      • 2.1.3 No Shouting
      • 2.1.4 No Referrals/Pay Per Click Links
      • 2.1.5 Stay On Topic!
    • 2.2 Post In The Appropriate Board
      2.3 Create Detailed Subjects and Posts
      2.4 No Necroposting
      2.5 No Nudity
      2.6 No Personal Attacks
      2.7 No Racial, Political and / or Religious Discussions
      2.8 No Flaming, Flame Baiting, or Trolling
  • 3. Obey the Law
    • 3.1 No Piracy/Plagiarism/Warez
    • 3.2 Don't Get Us Into Trouble
  • 4. Moderation Rules
    • 4.1 Joining the Team
    • 4.2 Activity
    • 4.3 Enforcing Rules
    • 4.4 Slack
    • 4.5 Disputes & Abuse
  • 5. Shoutbox Regulations
    • 5.1 Don't Ask For Support In The Shoutbox!
    • 5.2 All Other Rules Apply


1. Code of Conduct
Note: When warning points are shown in brackets [X,Y,Z] they should be read as X points will be given on the first offence, Y points will be given on the second offence, and Z points will be given on any offences following the second (third, fourth, and so on).

1.1 Search Before Posting 
(+[0,5,10] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Use our search page before posting or creating a new thread. Whether you have a question or just something new to share, it's very likely that someone has already asked that question or shared that news.

1.2 Use The English Language. (+[0,5,10] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • We understand that with all the different nationalities, not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you're really unable to post in English, use an online translator. You're free to include your original message in your own language, below the English translation.

1.3 Help Others If You Can

  • If you see posts from others where you can help out, please do so. This place exists because people are helping each other, and even if you are relatively new to the matter, there's probably quite a few people with less experience than you, who could benefit from what you've learned. Don't be shy.

1.4 Don't Plagiarize (Steal work from others) (+50 Warning Points First Offence / Permanent Ban On Subsequent Offences)

  • Simply put, don't use the work of someone else without permission and definitely don't claim it as your own. This is one of our biggest pet peeves; if you want to post work someone else did get permission. If the work is already released to the public elsewhere, post your source! You can reach out to anyone on the moderation team if your work has been posted on this site without permission, but make sure you have solid evidence proving that you created it first!
  • Reposted content, derivative or maintained works based on that of former or banned members may be removed at our discretion.

1.5 Create Only ONE User Account (New Account Banned & +50 Warning Points to Original Account Per Offence)

  • You are allowed ONE User Account. If you create additional accounts, we will disable them and your original account may also be disabled.

1.6 No Advertising (+[10,15,25] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Do not join our site with the sole intention of advertising your products or services. If we feel you are only here to advertise we will take disciplinary action or jump straight to a permanent ban! (I'm looking at you, spam bots!)
  • Furthermore: commercial advertising, advertising referral links, pay-per-click links and other income generating methods are forbidden. Please do not use our site as a means to make money.


1.7 No Backseat Moderating (+[5,10,15] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • If you're not a moderator then don't try to moderate the site. It is annoying for your colleagues here at DenariusTalk.
  • Rules are not black and white, they are gray and a real moderator is required to inform users when they are breaking them.


2. Posting Guidelines
Note: When warning points are shown in brackets [X,Y,Z] they should be read as X points will be given on the first offence, Y points will be given on the second offence, and Z points will be given on any offences following the second (third, fourth, and so on).

2.1 No Spamming 
(+[5,10,15] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • 2.1.1 No Multi/Double Posting
    • Do not repeatedly post in a topic. If you were the last one to post and if you have information to add use the modify button on your most recent post in the given topic.
    • There are a few instances where this rule does not apply:
      • You can bump a topic / post after 48 hours if you have more info to add or updates.
      • You can post several times in a row as needed when setting up and managing guides/tutorials that span over multiple posts for organization purposes.
  • 2.1.2 No Low Effort Posts
    • Do not submit low effort posts.
      • Low effort posts are posts that are out of context, do not contribute to discussion, or are lacking expecting information.
      • Examples of low effort posts:
        • "Please help." -- With no extra info.
        • "XYZ is not working."
        • Only smilies / emoticons.
      • Allowed posts:
        • "Thanks/Thank you"
        • "Looking good"
        • "I'll look into it"
        • "Let me get back to you"
        • etc
    • If you fail to meet board-specific posting guidelines then you will also be warned about low effort posts.
    • Posts considered to be low effort varies by context and by board, therefore issuing a warning for low effort posts is left to moderator discretion.
    • Short vs long posts do not determine if they are low effort. It really depends on if the posts add anything constructive or even relevant to the thread.
  • 2.1.3 No Shouting
  • 2.1.4 No Referrals/Pay Per Click Links
    • Advertising referral links, pay-per-click links and other income generating methods are forbidden.
    • It is also forbidden to link to sites that require registration in order to access content or downloads.
  • 2.1.5 Stay On Topic! (+[0,5,10] Warning Points Per Offence)
    • Going off topic is annoying for readers and topic owners. Going several posts off topic will results in warnings to the poster(s).
    • This rule also applies to hijacking unrelated threads for support.

2.2 Post In Appropriate Boards (+[0,5,10] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Make sure your topic is placed in an appropriate board or you can justify where you create your topics. (IE. Topics about coins other than Denarius should be posted in the appropriate boards.)
  • If you are new and still learning your way around we will often move your topics and let you know without issuing an official warning.

2.3 Create Detailed Subjects and Posts (+[0,5,10] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Make your posts informative and worthwhile. Make sure the subject of your posts accurately reflects the content of the post itself.
  • Avoid subjects like "Help", "Bug", "I'm new", etc
  • The more detailed your posts are, the quicker you will receive feedback and it will be easier for others to find your post in the future.

2.4 No Necroposting (+[0,10,15] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • If a topic has not been posted in for more than two months then don't post and bring it back to life. Start a new thread instead!

2.5 No Nudity (+[0,5,20] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • We are visited by people of all ages, including minors. It is unacceptable to post nude or pornographic imagery, which includes the exposure of male or female genitalia and / or female breasts.

2.6 No Personal Attacks (+[5,15,25]Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Don't direct profanity, sexually explicit language or other offensive content toward members or their work.
  • Respect others, and remember the golden rule.

2.7 No Racial, Political, and/or Religious Discussions (+[0,5,15] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • This is a discussion forum about Denarius (DNR). Denarius is not racial, political, religious or personally offensive and therefore, none of these types of discussions are permitted here.

2.8 No Flaming, Flame Baiting, or Trolling (+[5,10,20] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Flaming or posting with a lack of respect is unacceptable. Treat new members in the manner in which you would like to have been treated when you were a new member. When dealing with any member, provide them with guidance, advice and instructions when you can, showing them respect and courtesy. Never post in a demanding, argumentative, disrespectful or self-righteous manner.
  • Furthermore, do not post to provoke, offend, or anger another member. This is considered flame baiting.
  • Finally, don't troll. Trolling is the act of being a prick on the internet because you can. Trolls unleash one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet. (Source: Urban Dictionary)


3. Obey the Law
Note: When warning points are shown in brackets [X,Y,Z] they should be read as X points will be given on the first offence, Y points will be given on the second offence, and Z points will be given on any offences following the second (third, fourth, and so on).

3.1 No Piracy/Plagiarism/Warez 
(+[15,25,50] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • If a piece of software requires you to pay to use it, then pay for it. We do not accept warez nor do we permit members to request, post, promote or describe ways in which warez, cracks, serial codes or other means of avoiding payment, can be obtained or used. This is a site for Denarius enthusiasts and Denarius developers. When you cheat, you cheat us as a community.

3.2 Don't Get Us Into Trouble (+100 Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Don't post copyrighted materials or do other things which will obviously lead to legal trouble. If you wouldn't do it on your own homepage, you probably shouldn't do it here either. This does not mean that we agree with everything that the software piracy lobby try to impose on us. It simply means that you cannot break any laws here, since we'll end up dealing with the legal hassle caused by you. Please use common sense: respect the forum, its users and those that write great code. Everything uploaded to the site is logged, if we receive any take down requests because of your content you will lose privileges to upload and potentially be banned altogether.


4. Moderation Rules
We want the moderation team and the user base to get along; therefore, we hold our moderation team to high standards. Keep in mind, moderation is not meant to be fun, it is a job. We greatly appreciate anyone and everyone who helps us out in keeping this site going.

4.1 Joining the Team

  • Moderators of DenariusTalk will be asked to join the team by Carsen. Anyone who asks for the role, or otherwise tries to apply will be denied the opportunity in most cases.

4.2 Activity

  • We want our moderators to be as passionate about this site as we are. Moderators who are inactive for a long period of time will generally have their status removed unless prior notice is given about vacations, breaks, etc. (In which we will still remove your access for security reasons and work out restoring it when you return!)

4.3 Enforcing Rules

  • We expect mods on this site to enforce the rules above to the best of their ability. This includes removing any content that breaks the rules and issuing proper warnings.
  • When issuing warnings, moderators are required to collect and report evidence proving that a rule was broken.
    • Forum post/topic links are acceptable. We also encourage moderators to grab and upload screenshots to OUR filehost when possible. (This way links never die)
    • When issuing a warning, moderators are required to include the evidence in the message that automatically gets sent to receiving user.
    • In extreme cases or repeat offences of a rule, it is at the moderator's discretion to increase the warning points given for an offence, the increase must be conveyed to the user with justification.

4.4 Slack

  • Moderators are expected to help keep the forum clean but also keep the peace. They are encouraged to take it easy on newer members while they learn the ropes and may give verbal (zero point) warnings at their own discretion.
  • Also keep in mind that moderators are human too, just like you and I so if they miss something, hit the report button on posts and PMs or let them know if they have made a mistake, it's okay!

4.5 Disputes & Abuse

  • If you disagree with a mods decision you are allowed to PM the moderator who took action and respectfully plead your case.
    • A moderator or administrator will always get the final say in these disputes.
  • If you believe a moderator is abusing their power, you are welcome to email [email protected] with the subject of "Abuse". Include your username, the events that led to that point, why you believe actions taken were unjustified, and any evidence in making your case. These cases will be carefully discussed with our entire admin team and we will keep you updated via email.


5. Shoutbox Regulations

Note: When warning points are shown in brackets [X,Y,Z] they should be read as X points will be given on the first offence, Y points will be given on the second offence, and Z points will be given on any offences following the second (third, fourth, and so on).

5.1 Don't Ask For Support In The Shoutbox! 
(+[0,5,10] Warning Points Per Offence)

  • Topics and posts don't get lost in time but shouts do! Keep all support topics out of the shoutbox, make a thread when you need help so the next person is facing your problem can find the solution sooner!

5.2 All Other Rules Apply!

  • The shoutbox is not its own domain, all other rules on this site applies to the shoutbox as well! You are held accountable for what you say in the shoutbox.


Warning System
When you break our rules, we will hand out warnings. Each warning will have a numeric point-value based on the rule you broke and the severity of it. When you receive a warning you will be told which rule you broke, how many points you were given, and you will be provided links or screenshots showing your offence.

Point Scale:

  • 0-49 Points: You are fine or you have had a couple of warnings. - No big deal.
  • 50+ Points: You have broken several rules or a few big ones. You are muted, meaning you cannot post, send PMs or use the file host.

Everyday a point is removed from your account so if your account becomes restricted you will become free to talk, post, shout, etc over time.

That being said, if at any time you receive a warning and the cumulative amount of warning points you have received within a year from that time add up to be equal to or greater than 100 points you will be permanently banned from the site. -- There is no reason to ever collect over 100 warning points with the time span of a year.

  • This means if you get in a lot of trouble at once and earn 80 warning points. Then all of those points disappear over the course of three months (because you lose one point a day) and then a month or two later you receive another 30 points then it's game over, you are banned permanently.
  • However, in a similar scenario, if you receive 80 warning points all at once and then a year later you receive 30 more, the original 80 points will be forgiven and not count towards a ban.

I would like to give a quick shoutout to XDA-Developers.com, I referenced their site rules a lot and even copied some word for word when creating these.

Please note that in extreme cases or in times of crisis, administrators retain the right to take action at their own discretion.

Obviously we retain the right to change these rules at any time. Decisions made by the administration team can be disputed but you may only dispute an action taken once - Afterward our decision is final.

Thanks for taken the time to read the rule and guidelines!

DT Staff

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