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Is it expensive to build a crypto exchange website?

Betty Parker

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Nope. The financial contribution to build a crypto exchange platform is completely based on certain facts. Let us get to know about it in detail. But before that, I wanna say one thing, we can only determine the rough estimate to build a crypto exchange, not the exact cost.

Types of Crypto Exchange

Prior to knowing the cost, you should be aware of the different types of crypto exchanges. There are 3 types of crypto exchanges which are




Centralized Crypto Exchange - CEXs are the traditional cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto sphere. This type of exchange is governed by the middleman who allows the traders to perform the digital transactions(crypto-to-crypto and Fiat-to-crypto)

Decentralized Crypto Exchange - It is an alternative to CEX. Traders can perform the transaction without the middleman. Here, the process is automated with smart contract and decentralized application

Hybrid Crypto Exchange - This exchange will take the benefits of both CEX & DEX. The most popular hybrid crypto exchanges are Nash & Qurrex exchange.

The above listed are the3 types of crypto exchange. The most important point is, After choosing the type of exchange that you're gonna build, you have to decide the best way to develop a crypto exchange application. In general, there are 2 ways to build a crypto exchange platform

1. Build a crypto exchange platform from scratch

2. Cryptocurrency exchange clone script

Build a crypto exchange platform from scratch

Starting from scratch is the best option when you have time, money, and manpower to execute it. Yes. It involves a lot of processes which are

At very first step, have to decide about the country region for setting up your crypto exchange

Have to follow all the local regulations

Connect with the bank for payment processing in crypto exchange

Hire a skilled blockchain team or hire a cryptocurrency exchange development company to work for you based on business needs.

Have to include all the security measures in the crypto exchange.

Finally, Launch your crypto exchange platform in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts

It is the best alternative option for building a crypto exchange from scratch. Cryptocurrency exchange clone script is the ready-to-deploy clone script used to launch a crypto exchange platform instantly. In the crypto space, there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchange clone script providers available. They are offering budget-friendly popular crypto exchange platforms such as Binance, Wazirx, Paxful, Remitano, Coindcx, Coinbase, and more. The clone script comes with customizable options. With that, you can optimize it as your business needs. When we compare these two options with the development cost, I would highly recommend you to choose a cryptocurrency exchange clone script.

Cost to build a crypto exchange platform

Building a cryptocurrency exchange using our crypto exchange clone script with all the basic features of a crypto exchange will cost you a mere $5K. This development cost will vary depending on the functionalities and the level of sophistication requested by the client. Under such a scenario, the development cost might be higher than $5K.

Get the best cryptocurrency exchange clone script from the reliable, most prominent cryptocurrency exchange development company. They will help you throughout the development process and stick with you for further support.

If you have any inquiries regarding cryptocurrency exchange development, feel free to reach us

Whatsapp:  +91 84388 36619

Telegram: Clarisco Solutions

Mail-id & Skype: [email protected]

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