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My Crypto Cloud - Shared Masternodes [Fortunastake]


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My Crypto Cloud offers a shared masternode (fortunastake) service.

Sign up here https://mycryptocloud.nl

First thing to do after signing up is creating a D wallet address and sending in some D. After verifying your email and logging in, you will start at the dashboard. Select Asset from the left menu.


Then select Deposit.


In the Deposit screen, type denarius to find the wallet to add.


Click  Generate Address and you will get a Denarius address to send to to start depositing into the shared masternode. Send in whatever you feel comfortable since you won't be in control of your private keys.


Go to Smart Pools on the left side menu while waiting for the D to fully confirm.


Type Denarius into the search box or scroll down and select Denarius.


Notice how our Denarius wallet shows 0 D? Lets change that be depositing from out cryptocloud wallet into the smart pool. Select Pool Deposit.


Type in your amount up to your full balance and lets get to work!


Lets also automatically setup to reinvest. Enable Reinvest and you are finished.


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