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Kickstart your ICO crowdfunding campaign using ICO script


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Many startups and entrepreneurs are moving towards crypto business because of the massive profit that crypto business makes in the current situation. If you are an entrepreneur with a unique business idea but struggling  for initial investment, then you can raise funds through the ICO.

Ever wondered what ICO is and how it helps you raise funds?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It is a method of raising funds in the crypto space by issuing crypto tokens to the potential investors in return for the funds. The tokens could be shares, utilities or security backed assets. Entrepreneurs, business owners, startups or even companies seeking to create a new coin, D-app, or service can launch an ICO to acquire the required funds. This is achieved only if the ICO dashboard and the business idea is quite impressive. Working on an innovative idea and opting for a feasible way to launch your  ICO website is the secret recipe for your “ICO success”.

I hope you can get the idea of ICO now. But, when it comes to launching ICO,  you have to consider various factors like cost, security, resources etc. To fulfil all these factors you need more investment and it has to be cost worthy. So, the best solution is using a readymade ICO script. You can save both your time and money. Because starting your fundraising platform using ICO script is simple and hassle-free.

So, what exactly is the ICO script?

ICO script is a pre-designed & pre-tested script that helps fundraisers to launch ICO in a short span. It will help with easing the other ICO processes like crypto tokens creation, Whitepaper creation, promotions and ICO token sale. 

Features you need to check out on ICO script:


  • Manage your Token sale easily with our ICO setup.
  • Unlimited time slot can be set up for ICO Token distribution. 
  • Our Script offers maximum reliability and security of payment acceptance on the website. 
  • Integrate various Payment methods as per your business needs.
  • Statistics of token sales and funds raised in the admin dashboard.
  • Referral program and Affiliate configuration 
  • Set up unlimited referral levels
  • Unique referral URL for each customer 
  • Supports Multi-Language 
  • Easy Deployment & customizable 
  • Unlimited number of ICO Lending packages to the website 
  • Sharing referral links via social platforms.

Feature-filled ICO scripts can only be offered by best ICO script providers. Because there are many ICO script providers in the crypto market. But choosing the best ICO script provider among them is a tedious task. 

I did some analysis based on various factors and curated a list of top ICo script providers. Among them, CoinsQueens provides the best-in-class ICO script. They have helped many crypto entrepreneurs to launch their ICO platforms successfully. 

If you are interested in launching ICO platforms, you can contact their Blockchain experts via,

Whatsapp : +91 87540 53377
Telegram: @coinsqueens
Mail: [email protected]

Book a free demo of their ICO script <<

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