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HiveOS [D] (tribus) Flight Sheet Settings


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Basic Settings to get you going on HiveOS


This is what the Flight Sheet will end up looking like.


Pick your coin. Currently its the old symbol DNR.

Next add your wallet address and give it a name. I am mining to a https://whopper.io/ cold wallet to store this for a long time.


Choose the type of pool, yiimp and then click Configure pool. Select Advanced configuration and enter your URL.



In the miner tab, first select Cryptodredge by dropping down the down arrow and show all. Find Cryptodredge. Then click Setup Miner Config.

Hash algorithm: tribus
Wallet: %WAL%
Pool URL: %URL%
Pass: c=D,stats
Version: 0.17.0-cuda92 (as of this tutorial being written)


Apply changes, give this setup a name and click update.


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Use Hive Shell to Update Nvidia Drivers. Expect this to take 30+ minutes on a USB install.

Select Remote Access -> Hive Shell Start


Select Hive Shell and click the Web Link.


Type in nvidia-driver-update at the command prompt.



Getting the latest Nvidia Drivers from HiveOS.


Once this finishes you will get a prompt to reboot.


Go back to your other tab, hit the Power button -> Reboot.


Say hello to the latest drivers. If you went from Cuda 9.2 to Cuda 10.0, don't forget to redo your miner to correct Cuda version.image.thumb.png.60fac5d91887dedef08605757090e732.png


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While mining D with your GPU's, why not spare the wasted cpu and mine Grin?

Duplicate your D tribus Flight Sheet.


Edit the duplicated D tribus Flight Sheet. This won't be named so its easy to find it.


Give this a name. Like Denarius Grin. And then click Add Miner.


Select Coin-> Grin. Select Wallet -> Grin Wallet. Select Pool -> grinmint.


Select your closest Pool server.


Select Miner -> Grin Miner. Then Setup Miner Config.


Leave the defaults in and give your grinmint wallet a password. Example don't use this, 1234567890 and copy and paste the below into the Plugin and device configs box.

nThreads = 4, is how many CPU cores you have.


plugin_name = "cuckaroo_cpu_compat_29"


nthreads = 4


Apply Changes, and then click update.


Click the rocket ship to start the dual mining.


Denarius/Tribus will start first on the GPU's. Give it a bit of time for the Grin CPU miner to get going.


Check your denarius and grin pools. Grin uses email as your pool address. You will need that strong password from the pass box above, to move the Grin out of their to damp eet.

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Lets say you want to split up your gpu's to mine multiple coins.


This is what the nitty gritty flight sheet looks like.


First clone your D flight sheet, edit that, and add miner. Lets add EGEM (ethash) running on phoenix miner on the first 2 [0 1]slots, and D (tribus) running on trex on the last 4 slots [2 3 4 5].


The pool we use is http://egem.protonmine.io for this example. -gpus 01 are set.


Then we go back to the Denarius setup and change the Extra config arguments for slots 2,3,4,5.


Apply changes, name your new dual coin flight sheet, update, and get to mining Denarius and EGEM!


If you enjoy my content please consider donating to the Denarius creator - https://www.patreon.com/carsenk
Join Denarius Discord - https://discord.gg/JQEmXwb

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