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 Angrymals P2E on the Solana Blockchain!


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 Angrymals P2E on the Solana Blockchain!

Have you heard of Angrymals? They are minting on March 15th and have a P2E game that you can already play on mobile. I had a play and its super fun and addictive. I think it could be the next big P2E project

The Quirkiest Play-to-Earn PvP Game
Inspired by Worms and Angry Birds, this new crazy videogame lets you challenge your friends with a barrage of carrots, exhausts and sperm whales! Blockchain integration will enable Angrymals to bring its game to the next level and expand to new audiences

Fully Developed and User-Tested Gameplay
You will take control of a team of three crazy Angrymals garrisoned inside a fortress of junk. Shot after shot, the players will fling junk at each other to smash open the fortress and take down the other team.
Games are played 1v1 between two players. Players each take control of a team of three customized Angrymals firing a huge range of absurd weapons at each other to destroy the enemy fortress and knock out the opponent’s Angrymals.

Play in the app store today!



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