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How to Mine Bitjet [BTJ]


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Start QT wallet.


Settings -> Options -> Open Configuration File


If not there create bitcoin.conf in your appdata/roaming/bitcoinjet folder

Put this line in the .conf file. Example is solo wallet is on address, that goes in rpcbind. Then rpcallowip would be


Then go to receive tab, and at label type mining, then click request payment. This will be your mining coinbase address.

Restart the QT so it takes the new settings from the .conf file.


Now go to your nevermore ccminer directory and create a .bat file like below. The ip address is whatever IP address your QT wallet is running from. Coinbase address is the address from request payment.

ccminer.exe  -a x16r -o -u user -p pass -i 19 --no-longpoll --no-getwork --no-stratum --coinbase-addr=3K5Apw8Z4cxY1qAmOLAoEhaEvffhJbSCS
ping -n 30 
goto :mine


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