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Launch STO platform using STO script


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In general, blockchain technology created attention from many business persons. So it creates trust by enhancing protection and security purposes. From this point, the crypto platform remains to be the secured and trustable one to initiate any crypto-based businesses. 

In the crypto sector, there are three main types of crypto crowdfunding platforms available such as ICO, IEO, and STO. Among these, Security Token Offering is the most secure and popular crypto fundraising technique. The environment is full of scams, copying ideas, risky transactions, etc. So the STO is the hope for many business people to reach their goals a bit easier. So budding startups and entrepreneurs make use of this crypto platform to raise funds.

What is STO?

Security Token Offering is a process of introducing a new crypto project by developing security tokens and it will be offered to the potential investors who are interested in your project. It has emerged as a regulated offering and also a trustworthy platform when compared to other methods of crypto fundraising. Now, it is being preferred by more crypto people as it is trending. 

In fact, security tokens are created by any real-world or physical assets to reduce scams and enhance the trust of the project. This token has a certain value with all characteristics of the security. Security tokens are mainly developed with the help of the SEC guidelines and all the federation laws. 

To make it clear, it is definitely safe, if your option is to kickstart your STO business in the crypto industry, then go with the most effective method - STO script. It is the ready-made script that helps to create a superfine STO platform instantly. Over the past couple of years, many successful STO has been launched using STO script by crypto startups.

Let us see some interesting benefits of STO Script, 

Benefits of STO script : 

  • Asset fictionalisation 
  • Legally complaint tokens 
  • Blue-chip security wallets 
  • KYC/AML solutions 
  • Investor contract management 
  • Virtual wallet integration 
  • Referral programs, etc.

If you have a plan to launch your own STO platform in a convenient way, then you have the best choice. That is choosing the STO script. It is fully incorporated with fine technical and advanced features to support your STO platform effectively. 

As a startup, you will have a plan of initiating an STO platform in a cost-effective way, so I would like to suggest ICOCLONE - the top-notch STO script provider in the crypto market. They are specialized in offering bug-free STO scripts and also have well-skilled developers to develop an excellent STO platform as per the business needs.

Grab a free demo here >> STO script - https://bit.ly/36OhY4y 

You can feel free to contact their team experts via

Whatsapp / Telegram: 91 95005 75285

Email: [email protected]

Skype: live: hello_20214

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Raise funds in the digital platform for your business ideas with crowdfunding. STO is considered to be an advanced phase of the fundraising mechanism which supports real-time asset value for fundraising. The STO platform supports security tokens for fundraising. Now let us discuss the steps to launch your STO platform.

How To Launch STO?

STO platform can be launched by following the below steps

  • Unique idea - Innovative business idea to attract the target audience
  • Follow legal regulation - Need to follow the regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • White paper creation - Define your business ideas and its goals 
  • Build a team - A dedicated team of blockchain developers & business experts
  • Create a website - Launch a userfriendly website 
  • Integrate compliance tools with your website - Integrate payment gateways & API as per your business needs
  • Create Security Token -Equity, Debt, Utility, asset tokens are available. You can choose the token type according to your business needs.
  • Consult custodians to collateral asset - With this, the risk of financial assets can be minimized
  • Introduce STO to market - Complete beta test and launch your website

These are the steps to launch your STO platform. If you want to launch your STO platform from scratch it will take more time and effort. You need a dedicated team of blockchain developers, Business strategists & marketers to compete in the global markets. To make your launching process simple, you can reach out to a leading STO development service provider.

They can help you with end-to-end STO solutions for your fundraising needs. The next query will be like “where can I find a reliable STO development service provider?” Finding a trustworthy STO development service provider is again a big task. To make your task a simpler one, I have consulted many business experts & Blockchain Advisers. Based on their suggestions & self-analysis, I have chosen CoinsQueens. Coinsqueens is one of the promising STO development service providers in the current market. They have about 5+ years of experience in the crypto industry & have successfully delivered 50+ crypto projects (Exchange, ICO, STO, Token creation) across the globe. They delivered their client's projects on time, bug-free, safe, & secured manner. 

If you are interested, 

Whatsapp : +91 87540 53377

Telegram: @coinsqueens

Mail: [email protected]


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