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Crypto Token Development - Everything you need to know!


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In recent days, blockchain technology gained more attention from all corners of the world. It is considered the backbone of digital cryptocurrency. A lot of people attained their success by starting their businesses in the crypto industry.  Crypto platforms perform effectively with the use of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens. Both are more or less parallel terms. Although there are a few differences between them. A crypto token is generally a representation built on existing blockchain networks. So it helps developers to create crypto tokens with the help of existing blockchain. 

Crypto tokens are also known as crypto assets. It holds some value based on the type of token that you created. Crypto tokens are developed based on cryptography and are stored in a particular blockchain. Crypto tokens support multiple token standards on the same blockchain. So you can create crypto tokens on desired token standards as per your business needs. 

Benefits of creating crypto tokens:

  • You can reach more crypto users easily. 

  • Lower than the cost of creating a crypto coin

  • Raise capital easily to develop your business

  • For the purpose of investment or to store value or to make purchases. 

  • Crypto tokens have some useful features such as burning, minting, etc.  

  • They can be easily and securely traded without an intermediate systems

Therefore, crypto token development has many benefits. That's why many crypto startups show their interest in creating their own crypto tokens rather than creating their own blockchain. 

Now, let us see…

Things to consider before creating a crypto Token:

Have a perfect business idea - Initially, Every business project needs an interesting unique plan to start their business effectively. Therefore, have an ideal business concept for your token business.

Draft a Whitepaper -  Create a clear whitepaper to understand the all information behind your project. So it would build trust and confidence in your project among investors. Also, it helps a number of investors to fund your project. 

Make your token unique - Before creating a crypto token it is important to choose the unique token name, token symbol, and total token supply based on your project. 

Select popular blockchain and token Standard - Every blockchain has various token standards to develop crypto tokens. Such as,

  • Ethereum - ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 

  • Tron - TRC10, TRC20

  • Binance Smart Chain - BEP20, BEP721

These are considered the best blockchain and technical standards to create your tokens for business. So, choose any one from these above-mentioned blockchains and their respective standard. 

Proper marketing - marketing is an essential part to achieve the success of your token. Mainly, it will increase the potential growth of your brand among many trusted inventors. 

Once you have successfully created the crypto token by considering the above factors, it will help you to gain high revenue in plenty of ways. 

If you are planning to create crypto tokens, then you must choose the best crypto token development service provider who offers top-notch token creation services to their clients. I have done some groundwork and came up with a genuine crypto token development service provider - ICOCLONE. They have years of experience in creating crypto tokens as per clients' requirements and also they excel in offering all sorts of crypto token development services with an impeccable outcome.


You can feel free to contact their team experts via

Whatsapp / Telegram: 91 95005 75285

Email: [email protected]

Skype: live: hello_20214

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