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Anyone tried to compile ccminer for Linux ?

The tribus algorithm is only in the Linux branch

First committed here :https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/commit/c120ecae1d6c0d39c022328f582d6a35b2e6ecc6

But when I compile the Linux branch I get the following error

GPU #0: aes_cpu_init invalid device symbol

I check out the Linux branch like this git clone -b linux https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer.git

On the other hand the windows branch compile and run just fine (Altough not for tribus as this is not in this branch)

Applying this diff to the windows branch and i can mine tribus on Linux

git diff c120ecae1d6c0d39c022328f582d6a35b2e6ecc6~ c120ecae1d6c0d39c022328f582d6a35b2e6ecc6


OK, now to my question. Is there anything I need to do to get the ccminer linux branch running?

windows branch runs fine with just ./build.sh

In addition my GPU is old Quadro K5000 and GTX 680.



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Thank you for the link, I spent some time figuring out the CUDA compatibility so I wish I had this earlier.

The issue I'm seeing is not related to this issue I believe as I can compile and run in the windows branch after editing the Makefile.am to match my GPU. Tribus algorithm is only in the Linux branch so the Tribus chages have to be manually merged over to windows for me to get this working.

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Compiled that one on archlinux. 

look for ccminer-git package in AUR, modify PKGBUILD so that it fails on first build, and DO NOT CANCEL installation. edit Makefile.am with preferred compatibility, rollback PKGBUILD changes, rebuild it, use it :)

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If you need a ccminer for windows, this one has the tribus algo in it: https://hashbag.cc/ccminer-2.2-skunk.zip

in regard to compiling it on linux, make sure you select the correct nvcc arch for the card(s) you are using, the list is available at https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/wiki/Compatibility

Basically edit the Makefile.am and select the right nvcc_ARCH's for your cards from the list.
If you haven't done this then it won't work for K5000/GTX680 as those arches are not enabled by default

K5000 and GTX680 are both this:
nvcc_ARCH = -gencode=arch=compute_30,code=\"sm_30,compute_30\"


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