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IDENTORY - Universal anti-detection browser for safe multi-accounting


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IDENTORY is an universal anti-detection browser, allowing on-the-fly creation of unique identities for any site.

What is in the box?

Real fingerprints
IDENTORY provides a huge database of the most accurate hardware configurations.

Maximum protection
Innovative and multi-level fingerprint substitution system with operating system leaks protection.

Complete privacy
We do not collect usage information and all profiles are stored locally on your computer.

User-friendly interface
Maximum intuitive and functional interface, designed with great attention to detail.

Maximum performance
The application is optimized to start quickly and work simultaneously with 100 or more profiles.

IDENTORY works stably on Windows, macOS (Intel / Apple Silicon) and Linux.

IDENTORY uses the latest version of the Chromium core and is constantly updating automatically.

All necessary tools
Convenient work with proxy lists (import / check) and cookies (import / export / automatic gathering).

Mobile device fingerprints
Advanced browser-based emulation of mobile devices (iPad & iPhone).

API and automation
Programmatically creating profiles and browser automation (Puppeteer / Playwright / Selenium / CDP).


Pricing starts from $49 / month.
Billing periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year are available for each plan.
You can find detailed information about plans on the official website.

Special offer are available for blockforums users:
20% discount on the first subscription with BLOCKFORUMS promo code.



Website:  http://identory.com/

News channel: https://t.me/identory

Support: https://t.me/identory_support



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New version 2.5.0 is out! 🚀

- Chromium core updated to 98 version
- Improved font substitution, fixed incorrect rendering of icons
- Improved mobile profiles and Windows 11 fingerprints
- Fixed Chromium-based detection on Pixelscan
- Added 11 new mobile devices
- Fixed Google authorization issue on old accounts
- Added option to disable media device masking
- Added default mobile device selection option
- Added default landscape mode selection for mobile devices
- Added ability to select OS for mobile devices
- Added sorting by notes, fixed sorting by start date
- Fixed "new-page" API method
- Updated Chrome and OS versions database
- Minor bug fixes


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Posted (edited)

We want to tell you about our affiliate program

We are very pleased that you like the product and recommend it to your friends. That's why we are happy to provide bonuses for you! 🎁
Invite people you know and give them your personal promo code. Referred user will receive a 20% discount on the purchase of the first subscription, and you will get a bonus in the form of an extension of your subscription in the amount of 20% of the cost of his tariff.

The affiliate program is available to every user. The referral promo code can be obtained directly in IDENTORY by opening the Affiliate program section in the top menu and requesting the personal code (in the same window you can monitor your referral statistics).

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Posted (edited)

New version 2.6.0 is out!

- Chromium core updated to 99 version
- New proxifier with improved SOCKS and IPv6 support
- Renamed "Proxy manager" to "Proxy list" and moved to a separate tab
- Added Safari browser for mobile platforms, now you can choose between Google Chrome and Safari
- Incorrect rendering of icons has been fixed completely
- Autofill is no longer disabled after startup, the data will be overwritten only if the IP address has changed
- Added service selection option for IP location (3 services to choose from), changed default service
- Added option to enter DNS servers
- Added ability to enter local WebRTC IP address
- Added possibility to view profile ID in the table
- Added ability to update OS and browser in profile (in mass actions and when editing profile)
- Added ability to check proxies in bulk
- Disabled forced update, now update occurs after user consent
- The latest OS and browser version is now selected by default when creating a profile
- Updated Chrome and OS versions database
- Updated database of video cards and graphics drivers
- UI improvements
- Minor bug fixes

Download anti-detect browser

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Posted (edited)

[B]New version 2.7.0 is out! [/B]

- Chromium core updated to 100 version
- The warm-up function has been modernized. Now when you create tasks for warm up, the profiles are put in the queue and no more than 5 pieces at a time are warmed up. Progress can be monitored and if you restart the application during active warming up, all tasks will be restored
- Mass generator of profiles appeared
- Added "Accuracy" parameter for geolocation settings
- Import of profiles is now available for all plans
- Added mass import/export of profiles
- Added ability to import cookies through drag and drop or paste as text
- Added field "Last Used IP", it shows the last IP address a profile was started with
- Added external IP address display in the "Connection" column (formerly Proxy)
- Added automatic proxy check after insertion (can be disabled in settings)
- Added additional information after proxy check (country, region, city, time zone)
- External windows are now opened in tabs by default (can be disabled in settings)
- Latest major version of Chrome and OS is now selected by default when creating profile
- Fixed export of cookies
- Fixed display of icons for Google Ads
- Fixed "Bring to front" function
- Updated Chrome and OS versions database
- Minor bug fixes

Download anti-detect browser

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Posted (edited)

New version 2.9.0 is out!

- Improvements in stability, speed and resource consumption optimization were made
- Added saving by pressing Enter (edit profiles, proxy settings, notes, etc.)
- Improved "Paste as human typing" function
- Added more messages to profile startup log
- Updated OS version database
- Fixed connection loss while using SSH connection
- Fixed issue with browser closing unexpectedly at startup
- Fixed export of extensions when exporting profiles
- Fixed proxy list refreshing issue when deleting proxies in bulk
- Fixed wrong cropping of notes with many lines
- Fixed display of external IP in profile list when selected proxy from list
- Fixed an issue with profile creation when selected mobile platform in default profile

Download antidetect browser


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Posted (edited)

[B]New version 2.10.0 is out![/B]

- Chromium core updated to 103 version
- Improved Warm up feature: now you can add search queries to the list, and they will open in a Google search, and will also follow search results (if "follow internal links" is enabled)
- Added automatic update to latest browser version before launching profile (enabled by default)
- Added ability to automatically update OS version to latest one before launching profile (except Windows, disabled by default)
- Added ability to pre-install bookmarks
- Added ability to pre-install extensions from Chrome Webstore
- Added ability to import/export presets
- Added preset selection option in Mass generator
- Improved screen substitution
- Fixed bugs related to PoSSH
- Updated Chrome versions database
- Minor bug fixes

Download anti-detect browser

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New version 2.11.0 is out! 

- Chromium core updated to 104 version
- Appeared dark theme
- Added start button in profile creation window
- Added function to overwrite imported cookies after closing a session
- Added ability to add custom arguments for Chromium using API
- Updated Chrome and OS versions database
- Minor bug fixes

Download anti-detect browser

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Version 3.0.0 has been released! 🚀

☑️  Mobile profiles have been significantly improved (CreepJS score is now at least 72.5%):
        - js runtime emulation added
        - improved substitution of webgl and other parameters
        - fixed an issue with screen scrolling

☑️  Additional start and stop options added (for PREMIUM only):
        - tile windows at startup
        - shuffle profiles at startup/stop
        - set random interval of start/stop between profiles

☑️  Warm Up feature has been improved:
        - appeared ability to create multiple lists of websites/search terms
        - now it is possible to set a status after completion
        - added ability to set number of profiles to be run simultaneously

☑️  The "Paste as human typing" function has been improved:
        - decreased typing speed
        - problem with pressing Enter (with hyphenation in copied text) was fixed
        - bug fix for not working input in some fields with iframe

☑️  Chromium core updated to 105 version
☑️  Added storage substitution (only for PRO and PREMIUM)
☑️  Added support for Rotating proxies with ability to add a link to change IP
☑️  Appeared icons for browser windows with profile name (only for macOS)
☑️  Added ability to pin profiles to the top of the table
☑️  When starting profile now connection information is automatically updates in the list (status, location, IP)
☑️  WebRTC blocking has been improved
☑️  Added searching and sorting "Connection" column by port
☑️  Added ability to pin bookmark bar for all pages
☑️  Updated Chrome and OS versions database
☑️  Bug fixes

Download anti-detect browser

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Version 3.1.0 has been released! 🚀

☑️ Fixed problems with browser freezes and high CPU and memory load
☑️ Chromium core updated to 106 version
☑️ When using "Warm up" feature, "Consent-O-Matic" extension is now automatically activated to accept cookies and close popups
☑️ Added ISP display for proxies
☑️ Fixed: extensions pre-installation on Windows and inoperability of "Paste as human typing" on some sites

Download anti-detect browser

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Advanced start & stop options

The IDENTORY has unique features for easy handling of multiple profiles at once. In this post we will talk about the advanced start and stop options that are available for PREMIUM plan users.

When working with several profiles at the same time, you often need to place browser windows next to each other so you don't have to switch between them all the time. This is especially convenient for participation in CoinList sales, when you need to keep track of the queue in all windows at the same time. To avoid having to do this job manually, you can use the "Tile browser windows" feature that is available in the advanced start-up options next to the multiple start profiles button. Just select the desired number of profiles, activate this function and click "Start". You can also add other profiles at any time, all already running windows will be redistributed across the screen automatically.

Yes, launching profiles and arranging windows at the same time is very convenient, but some sites may detect simultaneous login from multiple accounts, which can potentially threaten those accounts with a ban. To avoid such problems, IDENTORY offers two more functions: "Shuffle profiles" and "Start with random interval". After activating these functions, profiles will be launched in random order and with a random interval between starts. The same functions are also available for stopping profiles, which makes starting/stopping profiles a convenient and, most importantly, safe process.



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Version 3.2.0 has been released! 🚀

⚙️ Updates:

  • Chromium core updated to 107 version
  • Updated Chrome and OS versions database
  • Added 4 new mobile devices: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Affiliate Program section was updated

🎨 Improvements & new features:

  • Improved mobile fingerprint substitutions
  • Added proxy recognition in "user : pass : ip : port" format
  • Added sorting by running profiles
  • Added export of all profiles with one button
  • Added ability to display profiles without group and/or without status only
  • Added check for correspondence of mobile devices and OS versions
  • Added API endpoint to get profile status
  • Sorting by descending order is now made by default, and resetting sorting when clicking on non-sortable columns is disabled

🐞 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Device Pixel Ratio
  • Fixed parsing of extension links with additional parameters
  • Fixed bugs related to default profile screen size settings
  • Fixed interface bounces when checking proxies

Download anti-detect browser

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Version 3.3.0 has been released! 🚀

🎨 Improvements & new features:

  • Improved mobile fingerprint spoofing
  • Improved operation with PiaProxy
  • Added ability to disable animations in UI (useful when working via RDP)
  • Added API endpoints for groups, statuses and presets
  • Minor improvements to the dark theme

🐞 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect device selection when switching platforms if a specific device is selected in the default settings
  • Fixed setting window size when enabling/disabling landscape mode on mobile profiles
  • Fixed problem with broken deletion of Chromium profiles via API
  • Fixed import of profiles via API

Download anti-detect browser

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