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Launch a socially creative NFT space with your Foundation clone


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The emergence of web3.0 has taken a deep dive into the market, making numerous changes and altering the functioning economy. The primary aspect is NFT, which is evolving with multiple aspects of business today. There are various niches in the industry, from art to domain, and now events to ceremony everything in the Metaverse through a platform like Foundation. And would you deny to an opportunity where you can build a much more effective and efficient Foundation clone for the creator's community? If not., the go-ahead to crack the nuance in developing your NFT trading platform with INORU. 


Foundation clone 


As we know, Foundation is one of the primarily encouraging platforms for creators allowing them to create the best of their potentials and sell or trade-in the platform. Whereas your Foundation clone is a similar NFT Trading platform, acknowledges the creators with a special status for their creations and monetize on the same. This is a much more convenient space for creators to convert their creations and collectibles as NFTs swiftly. And a step ahead, an improvised version of the existing platform that we help you develop with develop using our white label solution. Thereby making your platform highly compatible. 


The key feature of Foundation Clone


  • An attractive storefront that is highly captivating the users and encourages them to dig more. And the storefront should have the required information, including the list of creations, NFTs, its prices, status, title description, and much more. 

  • The Asset Categories must be well sorted based on their niches and types for easy identification through advanced search and filter options. 

  • Multi wallet integration encourages a vast crowd which includes wallets like metamask, MyEtherwallet, trust wallet, coinbase wallet, etc. 

  • The easy minting option must allow users to easily convert their creations into Non-Funguntible Tokens in the decentralized platform. 


Final Verdict 


What's more, there are high privileges in developing your Foundation clone with INORU. Improved customization, increased security, and multi-chain platform and post-launch services. 


For a much more detailed briefing and the process of developing your Foundation clone, reach out now to INORU and get to explore your NFT business with a great collection of artist creations and scale up your business

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