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sell Telegram channel - 100k+ subs (Crypto Topics)


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Channel - https://t.me/CryptoBoss_usdt

I will sell a telegram channel with a large audience, English-speaking.
I sell because of moving to another country.

The channel was created - 2020
Subject - Cryptocurrency (Very much appreciated)
Transfer of the channel by the "Owner"

The method of monetization is
1. Selling a VIP channel with private forecasts, I will help with the search for content in the channel as well as in the private channel, so that you just post a post about the sale of the VIP channel. You can set any price.

2. Advertising sales - since the channel was created on the subject of cryptocurrency, it is very valued and is the most expensive, one post can bring you good money. In a month, it is not known how much you will be able to sell ads and VIP channels.

The rest of the monetization depends on your channel introduction strategy.

important! important! important!
You will need schemes to attract an audience to the channel so that you can confidently sell the VIP channel and advertising, only in this case you will be able to earn on the channel! - why? The audience that is now in the channel, it is only made in order to have the confidence to buy your services from live users from you.


If you are interested in buying, write to telegram - https://t.me/CryptoBossHelp
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